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Best description of #behavioralfinance: "Check yourself before you wreck yourself" @FAmagazine https://t.co/bwQr2nS5iU
When it comes to finance, teach 'em young. https://t.co/2PV59Dfwjr
Got my @FieldNotesBrand subscription a bit late because I forgot to renew but damn if you guys haven't outdone your… https://t.co/QaE7G5ApxZ
This is a nice take on using #behavioralfinance to help reduce your self-defeating habits https://t.co/rCq3yfo9ZH
By 2020, elite financial advisors will be valued for their BIG thinking. https://t.co/t5EfsXKkm7 https://t.co/p3ZZ23hQsH
"Financial literacy is still abysmal everywhere." :( https://t.co/VPCkZ8fc1x
Some kid in the airport: "If everything is made of money, we can just use money to get more money." Yes, kid. Yes we can. #investing
Nerding out at this #behavioralFinance conference. Should have worn my #FinCon16 shirt though! https://t.co/1mMkn1wM4W
10/10 would watch forever. https://t.co/YJOZY29n9P
“Robos will do a better job at asset allocation but they can’t create a safe space where people can be vulnerable” https://t.co/XrCmD753o4
Overheard at #fincon16: "this is the best conference because money nerds have zero shame about eating the free snacks"
Chilling with @MichaelKitces at #fincon16 and putting @jfloyd to shame with our sweet sunshine selfie! https://t.co/w84kvMa5IW
I love having two double beds to myself at a conference. One bed is for sleeping and one is for eating snacks! #hotmess #sorrycleaningstaff
@kimgarst I sure am! As the signs say, I've found my people! :))
Great keynote from @kimgarst at #fincon16. #realtalk #socialmedia https://t.co/OEg6Z2i9Sk
Watching Clark Howard's keynote at #fincon16. We as a nation need to get our credit card shit together and start sa… https://t.co/qgehlqWHIy
The best part about jet lag is being up at 6am and feeling like a golden god, rather than hatefully mashing my snooze button. #fincon16
Daily affirmations from the first one in the office @Lin_Manuel https://t.co/6OVb1UKOkd
RT @BrainLeafit: "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. #Design is knowing which ones to keep."- Scott Adams #quotes #motivation
Best. Title. Ever. "Female Investors Don't Lack Confidence; They Just Have High Standards" https://t.co/5sln9a1Ofd

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