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EXALTED FOUNTAINS, LLC Beautiful Water Fountains For The Home & Garden https://t.co/44ZgjLvm07
Ancestor Feng Shui, Water Features And Mountains https://t.co/0w5VDcAO1p
Aspen Falls The slates of India are known for their legendary beautiful coloring and quality composition.… https://t.co/DCjXJnB4nU
Cottonwood Falls pictured with Silver Mirrors, Rustic Copper Frame and Squared Corners https://t.co/lHldLLPpMJ https://t.co/JUIWvjyF48
Majestic River Choose from mirrors, slate, travertine or rainforest marble. https://t.co/Y9MRSKwT67 https://t.co/Bv3DqtleGj
Deep Creek Falls Pictured with Bronze Mirrors, Rustic Copper Frame and Rounded Corners https://t.co/5AaX3OBl25 https://t.co/0FzShYsy2a
Solitude River Pictured with Magnifico Travertine, Stainless Steel Frame and Squared Corners https://t.co/X6nB8QNGz7 https://t.co/KkBh1tmqbL
Regal Falls Pictured with Magnifico Travertine, Stainless Steel Frame and Rounded Corners https://t.co/skj8xdWj7k https://t.co/CQ0am3saA4
What is referred to as an 'infinity waterfall'? https://t.co/bLFPXTCHBM https://t.co/XvJx9LSVuM
Grand Chateau 4-Tier for Pond https://t.co/DZXifQVxsE https://t.co/Y6AraV2Keq
Enjoy The Illusion - Candy Apple Red https://t.co/notAFNbINe https://t.co/p91OAewBH7
Classic Garden Fountains https://t.co/3ybkqLfhkO https://t.co/FeMy96Up5t
This tabletop water fountain makes a great Christmas gift. https://t.co/ewKyeHFw52 https://t.co/z0xoF7Q2ab
New Wall Fountain! - Enchanted Creek Medium White https://t.co/jKHanLsj9F https://t.co/WIIwipk90C
New Wall Water Feature Just In - Enchanted Creek Medium Turquoise https://t.co/o33dmOtKa2 https://t.co/cRaM3Bz1Ab
New! - Enchanted Creek Medium Black This water art will flow, cascade and create a tranquil sound space.… https://t.co/gSNoAWuNZi
New Wall Fountain- Enchanted Creek Medium Brown Theme The pebble formation may resemble a winding creek… https://t.co/k2pQPdxCdu
Trailing - A New Wall Fountain https://t.co/zo8ZBenhJE https://t.co/SSDb9AJK4w
New Wall Fountain Model Just In Sea Clef is made using stone and bronze finish stainless steel… https://t.co/gQjyKIMlRi
New Water Fountain Model! - Enchanted Creek Large https://t.co/Zw6u5sjJMk https://t.co/WCwqnqm9f6

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Exalted Fountains specializes in water fountains, garden fountains, tabletop fountains and indoor water features.

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