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Learn Social Media Marketing at Boot Camp, Fri 8-26, Campbell, CA #socialmedia #marketing #training
@theprodmgr: Previous quote about integrity, intelligence, and energy was from Warren Buffet. (140 characters make citations hard!)
@theprodmgr "[L]ook for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you."
RT @lisamdrake: Become a Proactive Project Manager via @SusanneMadsen #pmi #pm #pmot #project
RT @theprodmgr: What is the #1 skill, expertise or experience that you would look for in a candidate for a #prodmgmt position?
RT @cindyfsolomon: RT @dmoran1: Iterating is Costly #Agile #prodmgmt #prodmgmttalk
"the more project management you do the less likely your project is to succeed." via @slashdot
Great preso! "20 Ways to Not Build Stuff" & @cindyalvarez via @jefflash
RT @jefflash: Great tip for #prodmgmt: Do a Project Premortem to Avoid a Postmortem @harvardbiz @managementtip #projmgmt
Assumptions are the foundation for your success, a prison for your mind, or the coffin for your failure. #pmot #prodmgmt
Proprietary Data Formats Require Vendor Trust #pmot #pm #fcpx #xfcp #finalcut #Apple #compatibility
Bad Product Transition Management: Final Cut Pro X #FCPX #Apple #pmot #pm #pr #finalcut #xfcp
@chriscognito: I use pro. Hootsuite has great UI for managing my 7 twitter accounts & great batch scheduler. Reliable.
@chriscognito: Loved TweetDeck, but switched to Hootsuite months ago due to inability to post and lack of support.
Transition to ICD-10 medical billing coding: technical, project, training challenges. via @slashdot
NASA Mars Science Laboratory: a project with complexity, hard deadline, and major cost for slip!
Thanks to @agilescout for including Voximate on their list of top 200 Agile blogs for 2011!
@EcoFoundation: DM ur email or email & I'll email info on how to help with translations. Thx for your interest!
WSJ article: Workplace culture of blame toxic; wrongful blame hurts more than denied praise.

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