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@Greeniecg Hey, do you have another Ethernet cable you can test with? Can you test with a different Ethernet port on the router? ^HA
@Greeniecg Hey, is the internet only slow on the PC or are other devices connected with the network cable also experiencing this? ^HA
@DSelitskiy Hey Dmitry, can you DM us with your account number or phone number? So we can get this looked into. ^HA
@KPalmerGordon Would you be able to DM us your customer/account number so we can take a look into this for you ^JJ
@Greeniecg Would you be able to run a speedtest and tell us what speed you're getting? ^JJ
@KPalmerGordon Hey there, What seems to be the problem, anything we can assist you with? ^JJ
@Greeniecg Hey, no known issues there. What seems to be happening? Also what kind of connection do you have? ADSL/VDSL/Fibre? Thanks ^HA
@Greeniecg @wendywings @MsBeeton City? Suburb? Let us know and we'll look for a trend ^ZC
@uskiwi Hey there, Thanks for the positive feed back! We're glad to hear this has been sorted out ^JJ
@slowblink They will need to credit the time that you haven't been with them. I apologise for the hassle. We do send through notices. 2/2^GM
@slowblink Hi Michele, I am sorry about what has happened here. You will need to talk to your last ISP to disconnect the billing (1/2) ^GM
@meanestindian Hi Meena, https://t.co/uyDgS2VGlT says no. What are WAN and Internet on your router doing atm? ^ZC
@DanRockNZ Hey Dan, sorry about that. Can you DM us with your phone number along with the Lot & DP number & we'll pass these details on. ^HA
@shadow_nz Hey Carl, Can you please DM this to us? We are finding out the information for you :) ^GM
@DanRockNZ Hey Dan, My apologies for that. Do you know what you were asked to call about? ^GM
@samjprescott I am sorry you are having issues there, Sam. What lights are showing on your modem? ^GM
@richard_sut not as far as I'm aware. You could enquire with the manufacturer. ^Sam
@richard_sut this is the same with all providers. SMS only accepts the GSM alphabet. ^Sam
@richard_sut as a carrier, we do what your handset tells us to. We don't convert your messages from SMS to MMS to charge you more. ^Sam
@richard_sut as previously advised, if handset is programmed to send a message with an emoji as an MMS, we deliver and charge as MMS. ^Sam

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