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RT @chrisblockchain: Live AMA with myself today, November 16th at 5PM GMT. Be sure to have your questions ready! More instructions at -> ht…
Sta se desava u kandskoj ambasadi? Specijalci i pucnjava #beograd
@WPspringcom I've purchased ACF pro, but can't find license key anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction?
@etherchain_org Can you add "estimated earnings" on etc dashboard page please?
@krakensupport Can you please help me get tier 2 verified? Zip code "11000" for Belgrade, Serbia is not accepted. ID: AA61 N84G GNSS ZLWI
@DonXelox @cex_io Yes, I've received my funds this morning
@DonXelox @cex_io When will you resolve the situation? Other eth transfers are fine...
@cex_io Can you please let us know when the missing eth will be resolved? It's been 70h now! Ticket #251305
@cex_io Can you please reply to my support request? It's been 70h since my eth transaction and it's nowhere to be found! Please!!
@cex_io @LiewZY My transaction is also missing for 14h now. Can you please check if everything is ok?
@SportsDirectUK how can I get in touch with you? You are not returning my emails regarding refund for a returned product. #customerservice
Can a date telling analog watch show correct date throughout the year? https://t.co/aEzyoSEwl9
What are the risks of buying fake copies of watches from big Internet watch retailers? https://t.co/V5mirISl4n
Can Hublot watches be scratched? https://t.co/e0G3zx1Hmv
Do you wear a fake gold Rolex? https://t.co/OggZJGmnAK
What's the cheapest Patek Philippe men's watch? https://t.co/BD2eSO2igF
What is the history of the Swiss Panerai watches, and what are some of its most notable models? https://t.co/5HgqsW96aS
Which model of panerai hold the most value? https://t.co/tidl0ODTZj
What do you think of Luminor Panerai in terms of looks? https://t.co/oHN370ZIZU
What is the best available Panerai replica watch? https://t.co/OvKvjWJhX2

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