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I get Cash Back when I shop online - Sign up with Ebates and you can too!
Great deal on quality razors.Glad I checked out Dollar Shave Club. Razors are amazing and so much less expensive.
RT @SashaTheAuthor: New Release Billionaire Romance Inspired hit TV Show "Empire" “What’s Yours Is Mine” http://t.…
Are you excited yet? Exact replicas of Mego action figures of Batman & Robin from the 70's.
Get ready for more Adam West Batman toys scheduled for summer. I think they're going to be Mego like action figures.
Poor kid loses a bunch of Lego pieces and major traffic jam occurs. @LEGO_Group/lego-twitter-accounts.
Great look at Adam West Batman toys from Toy Fair!
1966 Batman toys coming this year! Anyone else excited? After almost 50 years the time has finally come.
JJ Abrams to direct next Star Wars movie! First Star Trek, now Star Wars.
Amazing auction will include the original 1966 Batmobile that Adam West drove. It could cost 5 million bucks!
Still waiting for Adam West Batman toys or episodes on DVD? Hopefully we're getting closer.
Want the original 1966 Batmobile from the Adam West series. Bid on it!
Hello McFly! Want a replica Hoverboard from Back to the Future? Mattel's got it!
@carlivatiron also wanted to say thanks for bringing back the legacy characters and making GH's story lines better than ever. Great job!
@carlivatiron I've been watching GH since I was a kid. My daughter knows I love the show too. Tks for the legacy
Bill Murray is crazy! Check this out.
Turning Rocky Balboa into a play in Germany.
@realDonaldTrump Mr. Trump, please save Hostess. A world without Twinkies & Wonder Bread would be horrible. Tks!
Great Arby's promotion with Adam West from a few years ago. Funny stuff.

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