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@jk_rowling @vicenews He says "You haven't seen anything yet."
@jk_rowling @vicenews WOW. One of the guys interviewed says "We have been organizing on the internet." "We are part of a larger whole."
MT @jk_rowling This @vicenews Documentary from #Charlottesville Is Horrifying via @esquire
RT @koolkaryn: @BarackObama @Mtray1911T Miss you & Michelle!
RT @NatashaBertrand: 2) Strzok was the one who leaked the news of the FBI's raid on Paul Manafort's home to the Washington Post 3) Chris Wr…
MT @thehill: #Illinois #Senate passes measure to label #whitenationalists a terror org:
RT @kylegriffin1: Despite calls for hearings on the rise of white supremacy, the GOP Judiciary chair has no plans to schedule one. https://…
RT @AmeriKraut: Black women you aren't anybody's frontline soldiers. Stay in the house.
RT @johnlegend: Impeach the white supremacist in the White House or STFU
RT @AriBerman: Remember Trump was sued by Nixon Justice Department in 1973 for refusing to rent to black tenants in NYC. This is always who…
RT @johnlegend: Think of how absurd and repugnant it would be to erect a memorial to Bin Laden in the middle of Ground Zero to "preserve hi…
RT @johnlegend: The Confederacy was the villain. Get their statues out of our parks. They deserve no honor or reverence.
The girls begin each morning reciting these words. #BlackGirlsCode #community #GirlPower
Shared from/not written by Alyssa Royse: For those who don't understand #BlackPride & why #White Pride is not a thi…
RT @cynajane: @thehill No. This is America. The Government doesn't get to profile and target individuals who are peacefully exercising thei…
RT @dahlingECG: @thehill Oh the constitutional questions arising from this administration will set precidents, for sure...
Just learned about u on Sun. Amazing work! RT @cut2thecase Check out our feature on ChicagoInno: via @AmericanInno
@anitaborg_org James Damore sounded very conscious to me.
MT @brianefallon In Aug. '16, Clinton devoted a speech abt how Trump was emboldening hate groups/white supremacists
What a gorgeous sunny! This is the view overlooking the lake from @thoughtworks' 26th Fl and @BlackGirlsCode's…

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