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The most expensive thing is accessing the market. How you're gonna get the leads, create growth channels. #innovate
Empathy helps a business remain sustainable. It can have a profound impact on your bottom line. #design #innovation
A product or service that takes consumers’ habits and anxieties into account can disrupt existing norms. #mhealth
Customer questions every CMO should be ready to answer in 2017
This headband could control your dreams
BMW's futuristic new concept car interior uses holograms
Innovation requires asking key questions: What problem should I be solving? Why? What is the essence of the problem?
An open & collaborative resource for understanding complex economic, social, cultural factors shaping #design today.
A new show “Abstract: The Art of Design” will be available on Netflix on Feb. 10. “design is everything.” @netflix
A consistent design language -- Apple’s icons are not rounded rectangles because their hardware products aren’t.
Products and services that are easy to access and that reinforce comfortable buying habits will over time win.
One should design for the advantage of the largest mass of people. -Raymond Loewy #design #industrialdesign
The kaleidoscope of Eastern and Western ways of thinking. How might it affect #design #tech #marketing & #brand?
Parkinson's research at @Apple using mobile technology to research the effectiveness of mobile monitoring #mhealth
Empathy-driven #innovation is an approach that delivers value to your customers and your employees. #design #empathy
With #designthinking the #brand becomes more in touch with the real people #design #marketing #innovation.
Having designed tech & AI, it's important to make tools invisible & intuitive to use so that they're not noticed.
Embrace a growth mindset to enhance your creativity and the willingness to look bad when pursuing an activity.
Controlling the world through words is changing the way humans interact with computers. #hci #machinelearning
2017 will be the year of the Intelligence of Things and the consumer experience. #UX #CES2017 #CES #IoT

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