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4 of 5 stars to The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
Just signed up for Tumbleweed Android app, can't wait to speak up! via @tumbleweednews
RT @KyaUkhaadLega: CCD guy watching Wednesday Naseeruddin: Aapke ghar meiṅ jab cockroach ghusta h to aap kya karte ho? Guy: Swadanusar co…
Congratulations @narendramodi @BJP4India
Brilliant analysis of the nature of #terrorism by Yuval Noah Harrari on the James Altucher show @jaltucher
RT @spectatorindex: MEDIA: Timelapse of most popular internet browser by country. (Credit: Dadaviz)
@indrojit maybe they have collusion agreements with NRIs to get the money changed
RT @NotVeryFunny511: Jats don't need reservations in Education. All they need is Education. Maybe then they can stop acting like idiots. #J…
Soldiers posted in Siachen being turned away by RBI with refusal to change their notes. @narendramodi pls help them
*hiding from a serial killer* Me: OMG, I'm gonna die if he finds me. Killer: Aye Me: Kya Bolti Tu? SHIT!
Most brutal fight ever
RT @NBCNews: EPA chief Scott Pruitt claims carbon dioxide not a "primary contributor" to global warming https://t.c…
RT @NathieVR: These interactive windows will change car journeys forever...
RT @itsxdarleen: Me when I see the new Whatsapp Update:
RT @StephenKing: My Trump imitation: "Stupid Repubs want to destroy Affordable Care act, but have no idea how to replace it! Destroying Ame…
Google Pixel XL International Giveaway @androidauth #giveaway
I just signed up to get my personal planner for #Trello to help me keep track of my tasks! Sign up to get yours too.
Get it free: Free: 'The 4-Hour Chef' Audiobook via @designtaxi
@juniorbacchhan @arunjaitley Lol. Great sense of humour!!
RT @juniorbacchhan: 10% surcharge on people who earn more than 50 Lacs, Damn @arunjaitley ji, Clear indications that My pocket money will b…

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