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@yoavlurie @Elaine I think the more accurate statement is that Michigan is now god's team. 🙏🏽Go(d) Blue!
Pretty sure the word for this is "murder".
RT @justinamash: Vote is Fri, but "hopefully" by Thu we'll get a copy of the bill that spends hundreds of billions of dollars. Who'd run a…
Me trying to convince @elaine some store she wants to go into like Peppercorn is closed even though there are peopl…
RT @ThatSpanishLady: Easily the best protest sign anyone has ever made #MarchForScience #EarthDay
Deleted Uber ~2 months ago and haven't regretted it a single second since. Hopefully Lyft is better as a company!!
RT @occipital: A few views from the Occipital computer vision team summit
I love this sign, but I am highly skeptical of the 0 bug claim!
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: A story, presented in four parts.
❤️❤️❤️ this is too cute
@edzitron If he can't open his door with an app, what is the point of life?
@edzitron Jesus Ed, give the man a break. You don't know the struggle he goes through having to pull keys out of hi…
RT @laurenduca: Congrats to Tucker Carlson, who won his new Fox slot over tough competition from Pepe the Frog and a rape threat Twitter de…
RT @sageboggs: jesus: what do people call the day i was crucified me: good friday. we call it "good friday" jesus: what the fuck
Good times hanging with @taronliz and @ErinLRand at #Techstars Demo Day!
My friends at Rodin ( just pulled off an incredibly gutsy live demo at #Techstars Demo Day !!
Checking out #Techstars Demo Day in Boulder! Impressive pitches so far!
Wow, huge congrats @chrismoodycom on joining @foundrygroup as a partner!
Recruiting at the CU career fair to #hirebuffs, come meet some of the @occipital team at @CU_UMC!…
OH @occipital "Can I grab that laser from you and look at it under the microscope?" #NormalDayAtOccipital

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