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RT @EmpireKred: Help get #safewater to Haiti. Through October 24th, https://t.co/ixzFHaVvGj is donating 20% of every purchase to help @wate…
Thoughtful article from a surprising source. - The Price I’ve Paid for Opposing Donald Trump https://t.co/gWnBhZOO0Y
Yikes! Can anyone even see this? Hello? Helllllloooo? https://t.co/VjVXv7u8tA
RT @fpvallet: The place where the French painter Cezanne grew up, Aix, France https://t.co/iN3O2uR58N
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RT @TeresaKopec: That’s President Nasty to you.
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Just sent in my mail-in ballot! Doing my part for this grand experiment of democracy. Lets keep… https://t.co/YTrLKgwhy9
Attended w/@VangeTapia #socialmedia workshop hosted by @BenWhitehair at @ComplexTheatres Thanks Ben! Great insights!
@TheFBallInsider Great insights! But gotta support the #Seahawks over the #Falcons. SEA D is rested, at home, and BRUTAL. Expect low score.
Here’s a list of the top new Instagram features - and what they mean for your business: https://t.co/OtJE4BH3FB
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Hahaha! Exactly, .@SkipperClay https://t.co/2fN0zwVjwo
I just wrote an article on "How To Get More Customers With A Blog" https://t.co/pGsMgq5n9n by @viaregis on @LinkedIn
Love it! Right now, I can't get enough @TeslaMotors info. https://t.co/O1vzPp8fP4

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