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RT @patagonia: $10M For The Planet! — Read from CEO Rose Marcario on a record-breaking #BlackFriday:…
Just realized that "alt-right" is actually another way of saying "wrong".
@jessevondoom Reminder: Watch Inglourious Basterds.
RT @mulegirl: Four years ago U Mich published research on why fighting with facts can make deniers dig in harder. Offers tips: https://t.c…
Here is what's going on:
Was always told that the USA was the greatest nation on earth but If we are trying to #MAGA, we can't be. So which is the greatest now?
RT @Calvinn_Hobbes: I can't believe it's been 31 years!! 🐯👦🏼 #HappyBirthday
Good lord, this list is depressing:
Bowie, Prince, Phife Dawg, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen, Sharon Jones, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder (and others I'm surely forgetting). 2016 👎🏼
RIP Sharon Jones
RT @LeoHickman: In just a few short sentences, Obama nails it...
RT @ZakSmithSabbath: I'm not the first person to point out Sartre on the deep historical tie between trolling and Naziism but in case you f…
RT @mikeindustries: "Truth fatigue" is a scary concept. Pollute people with enough misinformation and they won't even *care* anymore. :( ht…
Can someone whip up a bot to find and point out logical fallacies in tweets (and elsewhere)?
Unchained Melody
#NowPlaying Only The Lord Knows by Mavis Staples ♫
@jessevondoom oh man!! Must see.
@jessevondoom Inglourious Basterds double feature?

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