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RT @sbeaver: New Blog Post -- Important Update About vWire --- http://bit.ly/5eUsb2 ^MH
The most helpful person at the VMware vForum series. #awesome http://yfrog.com/0ldr5uj (via @matthixson)
Busy day at the VMware vForum here in Anaheim. Come by the Tripwire booth if you are here. http://bit.ly/2PSmmj (via @matthixson)
Interesting poll in the Oregonian today about who will be Portland's next IPO. http://bit.ly/OURHj ^MH
This is the view of NYC from the deck at the Tripwire Customer Conference. http://twitpic.com/mhlhh (via @matthixson)
Great article in the Oregonian about Tripwire and some PDX businesses doing well in this economy. http://bit.ly/22at3e
Vwire team holding it down in Chicago vForum today. Day is almost done. Thanks to all that came by. http://yfrog.com/2pu53wj via @matthixson
Morning rush at vForum in Chicago over. Lots of 'I'm too ESXi for my shirt' shirts here. Come and get it. ^MH
I will be at the vForum event in Chicago tomorrow with @sbeaver - come by and see us at the Tripwire booth ^MH
@VMMardee We are glad you enjoyed it. Those have been very popular. Let us know if we can help with anything. ^MH
Any of you out there that saw vWire and would like to know more please let us know. We would be happy to get you up and running. #vmworld
@AndrewSharrock Lets get you set up with @sbeaver to check out a demo next week. We would love to get your feedback.
The Tripwire Enterprise product makes an appearance in a ZDNet video on #vmworld http://bit.ly/1ztUWl
The @vWire team is hiring a systems engineer based in Portland, OR. Let me know of interest Thanks ^MH http://bit.ly/FiQzn
Thanks to everyone who came by the @vWire booth at #vmworld - Great feedback on the product and problems we solve. ^MH
Booth #1414 is giving away a Kindle and an Asus Netbook. Bring a ping pong ball for a better chance to win both. #vmworld ^MH
Congrats to Chris Jeter of the World Company on winning a Mac Mini. Stop by booth #1414 today to claim your prize! #vmworld ^MH
@vWire: We R breaking out the "I'm 2 ESXi 4 my Shirt" t-shirts 2day - As modeled hre by @Mike_Laverick http://bit.ly/R5H8v ^MH #vmworld
Just a reminder to see @RealGeneKim in his session today on virtualization security at 11 in Esplanade 303 ^MH
We are breaking out the "I'm too ESXi for my Shirt" t-shirts today - As modeled here by @Mike_Laverick http://bit.ly/R5H8v ^MH

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