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How do women fit in with #mansplaining gentrifiers? GENTRIFIER is part of this conversation:… https://t.co/l8lJRXTrG9
Watch the documentary "Douglas Coupland on MARSHALL MCLUHAN" at 8:30 on CBC, and then pick up THE GUTENBERG GALAXY: https://t.co/7JIMB5g3LX
TWILIGHT OF EMPIRE by Borislav Chernev is our latest #UTPNewRelease: https://t.co/NLZC4rjnP1 https://t.co/oz6UgT3eG2
Heading back to the classroom next month? Check out some of our new education titles: https://t.co/vWjbTmGpah #Education #BacktoSchool
Read THE CONSTITUTION IN A HALL OF MIRRORS, our latest #UTPNewRelease: https://t.co/9XK0euTVZj #CDNPoli #Canada150 https://t.co/XHziAEMIV5
NAFTA's cultural exception top priority for Canada heading into negotiations | Quill and Quire https://t.co/cjkp3I0Uzi #NAFTA #publishing
Teaching undergraduate sociology courses in 2017-18? Pick up a copy of our new course book catalog at #ASA17! https://t.co/Sjn6UjNHYI
Teaching Sociology in 2017: Sociologists talk about teaching in the political now https://t.co/VU4LvIN1D4 #Charlottesville #highered #ASA17
RT @HorizonsCTS: Ever spend that spare minute of your day thinking slower *might* be better? https://t.co/aN2HKafF6w https://t.co/7fScTNP0sS
The Slow Professor is moving fast. Come on down to the Univ. of Toronto Press booth before 1pm! #asa17 https://t.co/cqFajX8hGm
Last day to visit us at booth 820 of #ASA17. Stop by for all our sociology titles! https://t.co/aRgHvioBu2
RT @Doug_Hild: Great to see Axel van den Berg at the @utpress booth at #asa17. Here he is with his brand new book COMBATING POVERTY. https:…
How diverse were early French-Canadians? Allan Greer's THE PEOPLE OF NEW FRANCE is discussed in this blog piece:… https://t.co/KDH53FRWQ4
Your American dollar is worth more at the University of Toronto Press booth so come on down. #asa17 https://t.co/a8m29WcCu8
Take a look at this review of PRESERVING ON PAPER, a "fascinating glimpse into a distant past":… https://t.co/xZhAB8cSQw
Bryan Gaensler @UofT on the #GreatAmericanEclipse: Why do people disbelieve scientists? https://t.co/3R0uPvvMQb #climate #science #eclipse
RT @quillandquire: NEW: Digital Marketing Coordinator @utpjournals @utpress For full details see our Job Board: https://t.co/mcVkwMcSuu
RT @annebracken: Sociologists seek systematic response to online targeting of and threats against public scholars #asa17 https://t.co/YTrY…
RT @uoftlibraries: Q: How can I connect Google Scholar to #UofT libraries resources? A: https://t.co/pzXqwxbUkT https://t.co/bbvcruaufG
RT @Doug_Hild: @utpress is here for you #asa17. Visit us in booth 820. https://t.co/ZIfEky55zZ

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