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How To Choose The BEST #FishingKayak
#MalibuPro2 The ultimate 2-seater kayak. Stable and Fast. Fish, dive and family fun
Life's a river kid...ya gotta go where it takes you. -- Doug Rich #quote
#Malibukayak 4.4 has an unsinkable hull construction and is now maintenance Free
When is the best time to plan a kayaking adventure? #kayak_trip
The #MalibuKayak 3.4 has a water resistant storage hatch and put your keys, wallet or anything else inside
If you have any questions about the product line, please do drop us a line or call us #kayak_adventure
10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish #humor
The #X-13 comes with our new low profile gator hatch and many other great features
#Malibu S-12 is best for Fishing, Recreational Exploring, Day Play, Fitness, Diving/Snorkeling
How to Learn to Whitewater Kayak #kayak_adventure
#MalibuMiniX features an optional placement for a round hatch with removable bucket
Those who would find solitude must not be afraid to stand alone. -- William Deresiewicz #quote
#MalibuKayak 4.4 earned enthusiastic following of paddlers who love the blend of speed, stability, balance & quality
The #MalibuKayak 3.4 is the Ultimate surfing or workout kayak for lighter paddlers
If your in the market for all things kayak, then please do stop by the store. #kayak_adventure
Know more about us and drop us a message on Facebook! #fb
"Q. What is the difference between a fish and a piano? A. You can't tuna fish. #humor"
The #MalibuX13 has the speed of a recreational kayak combined with the stability and features of a fishing kayak
How to choose a #Kayak

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