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Solutions for using PHP with MySQL stored programs via @AddToAny
A PHP class to wrap the Google Translate API via @AddToAny
A generic PHP function to generate navigation bar for web applications via @AddToAny
Using MySQL stored procedure to create a sort list via @AddToAny
A good PHP editor in Ubuntu Desktop OS via @AddToAny
Air Drive – an APP that turns your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad into a wireless drive via @AddToAny
Use LinkedIn wisely via @AddToAny
Remove “win 7 security 2011″ spyware via @AddToAny
Install Chinese support for Ubuntu 10.04 TLS Desktop via @AddToAny
Remove “win 7 security 2011″ spyware via @AddToAny
Using R to create brick block graphs via @AddToAny
Numeric Integration Method : 4th Order Runga-Kuta via @AddToAny
Downhill Simplex Method in Multidimensions via @AddToAny
Concept of using multiple PCs within LAN for parallel computing and its implementation in MATLAB via @AddToAny
Build a boolean network in MATLAB via @AddToAny
Examples to demonstrate dataset manipulation in SAS via @AddToAny
Create PowerPoint slide in C# via @AddToAny
A complete, generic AJAX framework (code provided) via @AddToAny
Use Excel Solver to solve non-linear problem – solution of general neural network via @AddToAny
Use PERL script to automatically follow your followers on Twitter via @AddToAny

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