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Beautiful (and might be a first: a limited edition font)! Only 1000 copies (we got ours) #fontface #webfont #typography
Ithaca is bustling! More jobs, this time at @AWPNY project manager and designer #twithaca
Upstate New York designers, need a job (or a new job)?
RT @sparkah: @sparkah Top 100 Designers: W/ @behoff @BreRoz @jimhill @jbrewer @ellenLupton @alguzik @sursly @danrub ...
WHOA one-page beauty from @sursly --> RT @heartscry Hello world! Our new site is LIVE! Check it out:
thanks @smashingmag! #comingsoonpages
RT @AWPNY: = FAIL! Ripped @sursly's original design. See
New Geneva Chamber of Commerce site by @awpny
Making the rounds: Pixar's UP pre-production awesomeness
almost 50,000 views in a month! Not a bad product debut, and this is just the start:
Spider again:
Exposure for Ithaca photographer/inventor Shai Eynav:
on design theft:
WordPress auto-save: you're the best. dropping some GavCaz action:
ladies of AWP: - Forecastfox and Ithaca, you look good together (for now)
if you liked the site @sursly did, check out what he finished for the insanely talented musician Gavin Castleton:
you say pink & brown, we say: brink pink & burnt umber!

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