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LTE-Advanced taps into unlicensed spectrum with Licensed Assisted Access #LAA http://t.co/Gs459XJ5or
Roundup of 5G mobile network features http://t.co/c23YIiKJTK
#HSPA+ goes from strength to strength http://t.co/LBuHKQkrh6
Lots more to come from #LTEAdvanced #CarrierAggregation http://t.co/XTIOg2eCJN
LTE device-to-device (D2D) discovery and communication an interesting feature in 3GPP Release 12 http://t.co/opLDoOdSzf
Some of the highlights of #3GPP Release 12 http://t.co/BC4JNvNass
A short update on LTE voice services in the UK and elsewhere http://t.co/8kywugBPun
A short review of #LTE #MIMO theory and practice: http://t.co/efTmx8zWrh
@Ofcom to create mobile data capacity with dynamic access to UHF TV #WhiteSpaceSpectrum http://t.co/427UYTGeey
#5Gmobile networks are off the starting blocks with a flurry of activity in recent months http://t.co/cdWJaDyMxK
SK Telecom combines 10MHz carriers at 800MHz and 1800MHz to achieve 150Mbit/s using #LTEAdvanced #CarrierAggregation http://t.co/obOL0CiA1D
Some facts and figures on HSPA+, LTE and LTE-Advanced http://t.co/LDknwOZRs3
3GPP Network Sharing Enhancements for LTE http://t.co/tbyCcbGFSw
LTE Carrier Aggregation comes to fruition http://t.co/9dBaGIeBIe
Enhanced small cells hold the key to traffic boom http://t.co/JYa3YLhLks
Mobile broadcasting comes of age in LTE eMBMS http://t.co/KZIyrs6q
NTT DoCoMo provides 3G/4G indoor coverage with dual-mode femtocells http://t.co/sQLK4VTP
Yota launches world's first "commercial" LTE-Advanced network http://t.co/a58GOWRY
Everything Everywhere 4G launch put on ice http://t.co/dN7T66bL
O2 and Vodafone to pool their networks for LTE http://t.co/OiRuHbPt

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