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Lambert Toolkit for academic or research institutions and industrial partners https://t.co/rNhpysaNjO https://t.co/S9PmlEuon7
The 20 best universities in America, according to US News & World Report's newest ranking http://t.co/nm99vAGDSZ http://t.co/NStoCKRabT
Quantum leap – will #quantum #computing be #Australia's next important industry? http://t.co/OPFPBtBdCg http://t.co/AUceANsHRS
ARC, Linkage Projects 2015 Round 1 https://t.co/KENPLJTX2B and the winner is?! Easy Access IP?! Well done UNSW! http://t.co/dPs1xYQcNf
Get REDI https://t.co/KosWlSksbi via @YouTube
Deregulating university fees not essential - Barney Glover (UWS) http://t.co/iJhJ3QivYK http://t.co/MKlwTqpQzz
Does Australia need the 5c coin for change OR has to change for its current needs and future?! http://t.co/TJPKuaBNuJ http://t.co/SvhMUvb1AS
Start-up to Stock Market - Driving an IP strategy to drive success http://t.co/ou1qebJx9Q http://t.co/2MAtAUfOSg
Are you searching for an inspirational degree? US Fastest Growing Occupations 2012-2022 http://t.co/QVtbZTWZml http://t.co/lBaT3TKoQ7
Opportunities of bilateral cooperation @ Canberra Business Research Innovation Network (CBRIN) http://t.co/YWzn17PMx1 http://t.co/tYBZo56CJ1
Surface vs Underwater: Microsoft Invests in Undersea Cables http://t.co/KdjUgUGy2M http://t.co/wQVtTNxEtA
AOL is now a pawn in the growing battle between media and Internet giants http://t.co/OpTyGL2CzC via @mashable
Federal Government: What's in the budget for the higher education? http://t.co/GkdLvB90Bz & https://t.co/vXZMrybec3 http://t.co/pFsVoOymgD
Cooperative Research Centres have once again faced a funding cut in the 2015 federal budget http://t.co/g0ouHRDBO5 http://t.co/P6TYLLPtLY
UNSW researchers discover how the brain balances hearing between our ears http://t.co/t13uwABSOQ http://t.co/b7lSUoPH1j
UNSW students, have won first prize in a global ingenuity challenge http://t.co/DOl2THKy7w http://t.co/gsWAJJTnag
THE Cause(s) of Rising Tuition: Myth and Reality http://t.co/ji5GAKOm7j http://t.co/RsCzOkmQ5I
2015 Women In Industry Awards Finalists http://t.co/wlcDWENMUA http://t.co/9jLbGZ6c2L
THE drop in the sea of high hopes http://t.co/S9hZxYSe1x http://t.co/LJvOTLmoIp
A bit of academe world at CeBIT 2015, Sydney (one more day to go!) http://t.co/YFebkb26QV http://t.co/5TKvyReZSQ

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