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going to see my new boy toy Friday night, I hope all goes well
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@MariaErna @mikeyjlam what is that
i think we need to have l little more restraint if we want to see some change in the world.
the local church threw a block party today and the local pagans were not happy yelling at them to go away and turn there music down.
how is your knee holing up, i hope well. we (your fans) dont need you out of camission. blessed be @SullyErna
@MariaErna the moon is the goddess
i started my first degree corellian class i hope it goes well@WitchSchool
im going on a cruise to mexico, im so excited
seventh generation diapers have a new low price
@RealScottBaio my cousin steven married erin moran i have not met her yet do you have eny advice.
@RealScottBaio - i think the cat looks pissed
@RealScottBaio - this is about the time i had a mad crush on you
@RealScottBaio - my cousin steven is maried to erin moran, i have not met her yet do you have any advice.
@RealScottBaio - scott you look your best when you are around your daughter
@RealScottBaio - that would be a gag gift.
@RealScottBaio - I have 4 kids there age ranges 2-21, there were times i felt like doing that.
@RealScottBaio - that is so funny, we have come a long way.
@RealScottBaio - that looks like fun

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