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Nadeem Adeel presents vidizmo at EDUCOMM Conference in Vegas... http://ff.im/lLDll
Nadeem check out... http://ff.im/lLDlk
VIDIZMO Publisher for Microsoft Office Live Meeting, built on Silverlight 4: VIDIZMO announced the availability o... http://bit.ly/9WiKxd
Overview - LIVE & OnDemand Studio http://ff.im/dC54y
Overview of Vidizmo http://ff.im/dBT0l
WebPortal - Campaign.mp4 http://ff.im/dyUf3
WebPortal - Content Management http://ff.im/dyUeE
WebPortal - Channel Customization http://ff.im/dyUeG
WebPortal User Signup Field Management http://ff.im/dyUeI
Studio - Documents.mp4 http://ff.im/dyxh1
Studio - Form.mp4 http://ff.im/dyxgZ
Studio - Sound.mp4 http://ff.im/dyxgW
Studio - Live.mp4 http://ff.im/dyxh0
Studio - Caption.mp4 http://ff.im/dyxgY
Studio - Video.mp4 http://ff.im/dyxh2
Studio - On Demand Author and Publish.mp4 http://ff.im/dyxgX
Studio - Image http://ff.im/dyuD5
Mashup Studio - Author and Publish On Demand Mashup Presentations http://ff.im/dvmxG
Don’t just produce, but also Evaluate your investment made in videos; come to DemoFest-Imperial Ballroom-table 25 #dl09
Appreciate the use of videos in live and On-Demand online learning - #dl09 at DemoFest's platform at Table 25!

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