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@equifax Worst phone support ever. Please admit ur failure in modern customer service & revert 2 using telegraph.
I just uploaded “Zeke On The Beach” to #Vimeo: https://t.co/ldYN6FBiUP
@DonaldJTrump Good article on your Russian money laundering. https://t.co/ULRI4W8GFW #CorruptPOTUS
@Isikoff And if you believe that I have for sale cheap a slightly used, deeply in debt shuttered NJ Casino.
Dumbing things down for the fanbase. #KellyAnneFlashCards #kellycards #kelllyanneComedy https://t.co/VnnDmBCkc4
Karma. #donaldjtrump #presidentTweet #mindlessBlather #OvalOfficeBloviator #Blowback https://t.co/6UZUuAEAYB
I just uploaded “Saint-Alexis-des-monts-1080” to #Vimeo: https://t.co/VUARotYku4
I just uploaded “Saint-Alexis-des-monts-final” to #Vimeo: https://t.co/pY56bP2Ron
Um...Russian to judgement much? Trump excludes US press from photo-op meet, it still gets out. https://t.co/Lq6zLx3ZKP
@HerreraBeutler Break w/yr party & demand special prosecutor. Investigate Trump's election/Russia ties #Trumpgate #NoPartyFascism
@HerreraBeutler It's time we take away FREE healthcare from congress so u all see how it feels to have no coverage. #AHCADeathPanels
@HerreraBeutler U shown u care little for constituent's health by voting Aye on AHCA #deeplyDisappointed #UROutin2018
@HerreraBeutler Don't deny healthcare to 24mil people. Vote NO to the AHCA. #BadBillHurtsGoodPeople #AHCATheRealDeathPanel
@realDonaldTrump Political transparency is what makes democracy work. Prove it by releasing your taxes. #taxday https://t.co/Y6XcLtq8Ba
@SenJeffMerkley Go Jeff go! #HoldTheFloor
@HerreraBeutler Thank you for not voting to give ISP's the right to invade our privacy.
@HerreraBeutler Please vote NO to HJ Res 86. It opens consumers up to privacy and data security threats from ISP greed.
@HerreraBeutler Thank u 4 remaining steadfast against the AHCA. It's a bad deal 4 Americans no matter how it's reworked
@HerreraBeutler As a constituent, I urge you 2 vote NO on Trumpcare. It's ill conceived and a bad deal for US citizens.
@Interior - Keep public lands in public hands. Defend Bears Ears National Monument. #DefendBearsEars

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