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@etschneider Thanks for asking. It's been suspended for 1 year now, because I mostly don't have time to take care of it anymore.
Thanks for your support, they're still lots of users using Twittercal. I might reconsider.
@delfinfb Twittercal has been suspended for now. I don't have time to support it since Twitter changes it authentication.
Thanks for the support, looks like a lot of people still want to use the service.
Sorry about the inconvenience but we're going to shut down Twittercal indefinitely due to lack of time to support it.
Sorry for the lack of news lately. The bot has been down since Twitter changed its ID. I don't know yet if I'll have the time to update it.
Twittercal is down until further notice. Twitter changed the way programs should connect to it, it will take some time to update it.
Twittercal has some problems since the beginning of the week. It's not fixed, events are being processed right now.
@KrisColvin Yes I though about doing something like that. Don't Google have a reminder of some sort (via emails) ?
@brandoncreates it does but it takes times to the bot to follow you because I rely on an external service since Twitter disabled auto-follow
@polardude1983 Thank you very much for the hint!
Good news, @SocialOomph works great. Auto-following people again, until I write a custom solution.
@polardude1983 Thanks for the info, we'll see if it's work. And Twittercal is more a 1 man sort-of business :)
Giving a try to to use their "auto-following" service.
@tmwsiy I'm talking with them on the developer groups, let's see what they come up with.
Sad. Twitter has disabled auto-following for bots - - don't know how I'm going to deal with that problem for Twittercal
@kolomiets @dsmy01 @damichi Done.
@nickgatt We had to restart our service. It should work now. Thanks for your feedback.
@djr1904 @Matik72 @calebchitwood @mjmmanoj @rahulb13 @nickgatt done.

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