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RT @TwitterGaming: Who’s walking away with a million? Catch the Halo World Championship Finals, streaming LIVE right now. #HaloWC https:…
@13adh13 50% cheeseburgers, 50% dabbing. That's a nice even mix. 🙌
@ArelyAguirre94 Anything your heart desires. ❤️
@AlexHH25 Will the real Clark Kent please stand up?
@Iashtnight What class is this for and how can we participate?
@elonmusk @nextspaceflight @inversedotcom 👽😱
@devidy_wright Not sure what you mean...
@JamesBlunt Your baby is…beautiful. 😍
@Ronnatullis12 Today is your day, live it up girl!
@thomaspluck This is the greatest Twitter metaphor we’ve ever heard.
@A_W_Gordon You should Dog Twitter Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Just our personal opinion though.
@G_Eazy I won’t tell the truth ‘bout you. 🎤
@katelynmcmahon_ Leo's a star.
@elizabeth4kids "Maybe if I lay here long enough, they'll take me with them."
@OPDK9Kane @OmahaPolice That is one happy floof. We rate him 12/10. 😊
@Queen Rosie looks like she's never had a thorny day in her life. ❤️🌹
@Miles_Teller We share similar interests with Bugsy (and we also might have the same dress) 💃
@Jet_TheCorgi How is this level of cute even possible?
@Lin_Manuel @VAMNit We're not crying, you're crying! 😭

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