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we've made some substantial UI improvements to the dashboard. check it out when you get a second.
Please be advised. The site will be temporarily down tomorrow morning at 10am (EDT) for upgrades.
we're currently working on some database optimization issues.
@OurielOhayon @RagingFish please login here http://bit.ly/3ySSR and then i'll upgrade your accounts. cheers!
@howardliptzin unfortunately twitter won't allow you to register a username with 'twitter' in it, so we opted for twitermass instead.
@NikaMohar i can turn it off for you. have a great day!
hi @OurielOhayon we'd like to offer you @howardliptzin and @RagingFish a basic free membership to TwitterMass. ping me back if interested.
@debtresponse you've been removed from our system
@scottyhorsman @yvettegr @rocklandusa @gigadeleo @StephanieBamBam and others. sorry for the #followfriday mess up. we've fixed this bug.
Several new enhancements and performance updates were pushed live to #twittermass on 4/24
IMPORTANT: All current tracked keywords will be reset at midnight tonight (EST) for system improvements and upgrades. Thank you.
#twittermass fixes for all outstanding issues have been resolved and pushed to production at approximately 11:45(EST)
#twittermass completed upgrades to graphs at 11:35(EST)
#twittermass metrics and reporting just entered maintenance/upgrade mode at 11:25(EST)
status update. we had to increase server performance within the last hour. if you experienced strange activity, please delete kw & resubmit.
all filed bugs on http://twittermass.lighthouseapp.com have been resolved. please advise if issue(s) persist.
http://tinyurl.com/manual-follow - This new feature is completed and will be released tomorrow.

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