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45.00 USD

New! Have you ever whistled with an acorn cap? Or made a little face on the seed? Acorns bring back so many happy memories to me. Just making this piece makes me remember more of them every time.

This small acorn was plucked from one of my favorite trees. It was molded and cast in a beautiful bronze. It has amazing texture, the kind only Mother Nature could create.

This little guy is solid bronze. He may be small but has some nice weight to him.
The acorn measures just under 1/2" wide and long. (7/16" to be exact)
It comes on a 18" sterling silver chain with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

We have been casting organic objects for over 11 years. Our jewelry designs are always handmade by us in our Boston studio. We use many "green" practices. Thank you Earth! Each and every piece will get more beautiful as time moves on.

Please check our other listings for other size acorns as well.

35.00 USD

This is the horizontal version of our sweet sweet rock stack necklace. These rocks are different shades of black, dark gray and light gray.
I hand make each sterling silver pin head and stack 5 rocks in different sizes stacked together to make a fan shape. The chain is also sterling silver and the entire necklace is 18 inches total in length. Each rock is approx. 1/4-1/2 inch long.
I can show you want I have in inventory if you send me a convo or I will choose one that is similar to what you see in the pictures.

75.00 USD

I love this sweet little twig. At only 1 inch long it still has so many beautiful details.

This twig was hand picked and cast in sterling silver. It can be worn facing either way. The details are on both sides.

The twig measures 1 1/8" wide (side to side).
The necklace is 18" including the chain.
The chain and all the findings are sterling silver.

I love this tiny twig necklace. It is a simple reminder of how wonderful something as simple as twig can be!

We have been casting twigs for over 15 years. Our work is always heirloom quality and made to last a lifetime.

50.00 USD

This is a periwinkle shell collected along our amazing Massachusetts coastline. There are many of these on our beaches. Some have little hermit crabs inside. This may have just been outgrown! I was happy that this sweet little shell was empty when I found it.

This shell was molded and cast in sterling silver. It will get more beautiful the more it is worn.

The shell measures 1/2" by 1/2".
It comes on a 18" sterling silver chain.
It has been oxidized to enhance its wonderful details.

A great piece for you to enjoy.

60.00 USD

New for Autumn! These sweet maple seeds are two halves from one seed. It was hand picked, molded and cast in sterling silver. They have amazing detail that is both delicate and eye catching.

Each tiny maple seed measures just under 1" long.
All findings are sterling silver.
Each piece is designed, cast, and finished by us in our Boston studio.

No matter where you are these maple seeds bring back memories. Whatever you call them...whirlybirds, helicopters, noseys, they definitely will make you happy.

60.00 USD

Nosey, helicopter, whirley bird...Whatever you call them, these maple seeds will bring back happy memories of childhood. Peel it at the seed and place on your nose for happiness!

This is a beautiful Spring maple seed cast in ancient bronze. It has amazing details.

The maple seed is attached horizontally at the "wings" to a sterling silver cable chain. The seed has been oxidized to enhance it's details.

The maple seed measures 1 1/4" across (side to side) and 5/8" from top to bottom.
The necklace is 18" and the chain and all findings are sterling silver.

These necklaces are made to last a lifetime. they are heirloom quality. Let this be a simple reminder of how wonderful something as simple as a seed can be.

75.00 USD

This is a real beauty. I have had many requests to make a single seed necklace so here it is. Maybe they remind you of putting them on your nose. Maybe you remember watching them twirl. Whatever you call them, you will love this necklace.

It was cast in ancient bronze from a hand picked maple seed. Molded so many of you can enjoy its beauty.

The seed measures 1 1/2" long. It has been oxidized to enhance the details. The back side is smooth.

Comes on a 18" sterling silver necklace. Please convo us about chain size options. This necklace is great for ladies and gentlemen. I love a man in a twig!

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. This necklace will last a lifetime.

24.00 USD

Aren't these sweet!
This pendant is made with tiny beach stones and it hangs from an adjustable leather cord. The cord can be adjusted to choker size (approx. 16 inches) to approx. 26 inches by pulling on the knots at the same time, on the back. Easy!. I make each pinhead out of sterling silver wire, carefully drill each rock and stack them oh so nicely.

These stacks are offered in 3,4, or 5 rocks.
This rock stack necklace is approx.1 inch long, that is the whole pendant from jump ring to silver ball. The rocks are all around 3/8 - 1/2 inch wide. These beach pebbles are different shades of speckled dark gray, light gray and black. Please specify which chain length and how many rocks you would like stacked.

The stacks on the leather are usually a little bigger than the ones I make for my sterling silver chains. If you have a preference, please convo. It's no problem!

If you are interested in pictures sent to see what I have available, feel free to ask. If not, I will pick a sweet stack to your specifications and ship out right away.

Your sweet stack will be sent in a gift box and sent Priority shipping.
Here is the link if you would like to see our rock stacks on sterling silver chain...
And our earrings!

36.00 USD

These are nautical inspired castings in Bronze. The claws and the shell are molded and cast for the actual organic piece. They are exact replicas of the piece we molded. These key chains are SO New England!
The shell itself is approx. 1 1/4 inches long (1 1/2 inches with sterling silver jump ring). This gives you an idea on the sizes of all pieces pictured.
These are a great addition to your key ring or a great gift for the ocean lover in your family.
All Twigs and Heather's pieces are designed, cast, finished and assembled in our studio. We do it all!

80.00 USD

Something about this piece makes me think of the sun, summer, and growing flowers.

All bronze pieces are cast (by us) in bronze and all findings including chain and clasp are sterling silver.

The relics are 5/8 - 1/2 inch long and wide.
The entire piece from the top to bottom is almost 1 7/8 inches long.
The chain length is 20 inches.


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