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Congrats to @The_Melt on their grand opening. With @ChefMichaelMina & @Sequoia_Capital as Jon's wingmen it should be interesting...
tweservation provides restaurant reservations through Google
tweservation now allows users to connection via gmail for restaurant reservations; social reservation patent pending
tweservation provides restaurant reservations through Google
tweservation provides restaurant reservations through Google
tweservation Provides Restaurant Reservations Through Facebook - Business - Press Releases - via @msnbc
tweservation provides restaurant reservations through Facebook
Informal poll: How many people prefer using a Facebook login vs. Twitter login for a web site? free OpenTable service
@hotelinsight hi there, already live in London with a handful of restaurants. Sign up now!
tweservation en la Appstore Amazonas. Restaurantes / comensales pueden disfrutar de una experiencia móvil sin reserva
tweservation now available on the Amazon Appstore. Restaurants & diners can enjoy a free mobile reservation experience
Hola América Latina comensales / restaurantes - primer móvil con servicio de reserva de móviles en América Latina aquí
@ptegelaar hi there - not sure what happened there. Let us know if we add any of your favorite restaurants to make a reservation. JB
Dear Japan-please use our Twitter application to notify people where you are via geo location or ask for food / shelter
tweservation ahora ofrece nuevas aplicaciones o sitios web en español. BB
tweservation now offering new Spanish app / websites BlackBerry app mobile web
Why was Cupid chosen to represent Valentine’s Day? The last thing on my mind for VD is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.
@robsequeira Rob, Thanks! We would love to see your favorite restaurants in Sydney sign up on our site to accept reservations via mobile

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