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If you have any problems/feature requests related to the new Twitter for iPhone app please let us know at @mobilesupport. Thx!
Problems on Twitter for iPhone? - we can help you, follow @mobilesupport.
@eddiemachado more info here -
@anasbouzoubaa More info here -
Tweetie for Mac 1.2.8 is up for real - sorry about the goof! Tweetie->Check for Updates.
@akmedia probably has more to do with world cup load than anything else :)
Can folks hitting the issue with Tweetie|Mac 1.2.7 give this build a shot?
RT @lorenb: Twitter for iPhone 3.0.1 is out! OS 4 & Retina display compatible.
Tweetie. Improved. Go grab Twitter for iPhone! - be sure to check out redesigned Search, logged-out UI!
@Followorthy What errors are you seeing?
@nizzash What errors are you seeing?
@SealFavorites What errors are you seeing?
Tweetie for iPhone 2.1.2 has been approved!
@janvanthiel This -
@janvanthiel here -
Twitter is now the proud owner of Tweetie! More details on the Twitter blog and from me:
1.2.6 fixes 'since_id' refreshing bug, and shows new retweets (the old school way... for now).
Tweetie for Mac 1.2.6 is out! Tweetie -> Check for Updates.
Tweetie for Mac not refreshing for you? Give this build a shot: (pushing update to everyone shortly).

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