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For any woman who has ever been left to wonder why...
Rachael & Emily you can do better! Courtney = skank. Don't sweat it & Happy Valentine's Day! <3
Tell Congress: Don’t censor the web!
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OMG - Obsessed!
We take razors to our legs to keep them stubble-free, why not do the same to our love lives? Shave away the bullshit, ladies.
When you find yourself on the verge of a man-induced meltdown, take a deep breath and…rationalize?
Are women naturally complicated or are we socially conditioned to complicate? Perhaps my Uncle Mark was right.
It seems that inside every man there is a romantic and a rebel, a sinner and a saint, a caveman and a gentleman.
After our first few sexual encounters, we don’t feel like sex gods if we eff you as fast as we can and blow a huge load.
Even if we’re planning on dumping you, we at least want you to tell your friends that we were good in bed.
The old jokes about men not giving a shit about the women they bag and just wanting to bust a nut, roll over, and go to sleep are outdated.
When we shout out our moment of jizzilation, we are really saying, “Man that was good. Thanks.”
But for the man who shouts that he’s going to come like he’s conversing with the Almighty, sex is a purpose for living.
Courtesy: He’s like the fifth Beatle hoping that you and him are going to “Come together, right now…over me.”
The zenith of sex is akin to the heavens opening and God himself reaching down to slap us a heavenly high-five.
Swallower or no, in the case of a blowjob situation, a little pre-ejaculatory heads up is greatly appreciated.
Women have to be in the perfect, star-aligned, just watched a romantic comedy mood to want to get busy—which, I might add, is horseshit.

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