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@okaysee I'm definitely shipping these out very soon. I have to repack them since there was a snafu with the original packing.
@rockerston hook it up!
@ingoofficial there's nothing official just yet but we'll announce some stuff soon. Keep the dream alive!
@smalter I miss you smalter…
@dciskey It's on us to remedy the situation.
@dciskey send us an email - stokey at http://t.co/yvJwUVn4
@chrisdrackett new home?
@ConorAltier @dashrendar7 email me and we'll figure out some way to settle this amicably. stokey at http://t.co/yvJwUVn4
@kyleluvsew I'm sending the stuff out very soon.
@smonicats for sure, super excited about our next project.
The bears and I have decided to discontinue Turf. More info here: https://t.co/HA1Lh9VD - We're already working on our next project.
@vho_pearlzo @kasinative101 @illflowreloaded YA!!!
New update is on the store WEOOO WEOOO!! https://t.co/6FoQSAwz
@searchbound delete all of the auth emails from us then reauth. There's an issue with gmail giving you the older key first. So mismatched
@searchbound are you using gmail?
@STNC delete all of the emails from us then reauth
@STNC are you by chance using google mail
@STNC did it auth you back in
@searchbound looking into this. sorry for the inconvenience

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