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My Own thoughts about being successful and how to assess your own success! - http://t.co/usSyicCRd7 by @khaled_ouanes
RT @khaled_ouanes: In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty! D…
RT @khaled_ouanes: Why I Love Mondays — and Maybe You Should, Too —http://t.co/WicMUsFigW
RT @khaled_ouanes: Monday is full of possibilities. Monday gives you a whole week to look forward to! :)
RT @khaled_ouanes: When facing challenges, even ones you've faced before, adopt a learner's approach! Ask questions and find new ways to s…
RT @khaled_ouanes: To stay motivated and If you've become an expert in one field, seek out other fields where you can transfer & apply your…
Ten Steps to Building Employee Engagement by @justcoachit on #SwitchandShift http://t.co/8L2NT84OBk (via @tedcoine) /via @khaled_ouanes
Influence Customers With Earned Media - http://t.co/NJygJ2sbWJ /via @khaled_ouanes
To be successful, always try to convert the pain of yesterday into strength for today! /via @khaled_ouanes
RT @khaled_ouanes: @TalibHashem Flexibility, adaptability & creativity are crucial to problem solving! What you did is a good simple ex…
Something I've learnt during my career: to become interesting you must first be interested in others! /via @khaled_ouanes
A great type refresher: Narrowing the Field: How To Bring Great Type Into Focus - http://t.co/sWArXwjDiK by @rougebert /via @smashingmag
A great post about how important it is to know yourself if you want to produce your best work: http://t.co/nXdkYwefb5 /via @boagworld
RT @jeffbullas: How 5 Creative Brands Pin on #Pinterest http://t.co/42gHdos8pn #socialmedia
RT @khaled_ouanes: Testing is a tactic. Validation is a strategy. #leanstartup ~ @sbergel
RT @WebDesignDev: Top 10 HTML5 Tools for Web Designers: http://t.co/8K5RvoZFBt **
RT @copyblogger: A few ways you can use Google+ Hangouts to build your audience ... http://t.co/4dDTvJVqWG
RT @khaled_ouanes: Want to start something great? Ignore reality and make it so! ~ @tedcoine
RT @DanielSharkov: Blogger SEO Tips – I Have a Blog Now What? http://t.co/tCRDYSsje0 via @DivaBusiness
RT @khaled_ouanes: Learn people's names, say hello, thank you and please. Social is not about tech. #cxmchat

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