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Be your own boss man! http://t.co/SjmbkU5Y
Change your life, TODAY! http://t.co/dDSIUKgy
40% Off all our tees as well as free shipping, get yours for christmas at http://www.tsaathis.com
long time no tweet, wonder if anyones reading?
has some new designs ready for 2010
is killing some time in Athens airport waiting for the flight to Rome, flying into the Champions League Final alcohol ban, no alcohol yay :(
is partying in the greek islands before shooting off to Italy for some more design ideas
is coming to you live from the Greek Island of Santorini
@Claraa_ Welcome to the wonderful world of twitter. You'll get used to things with some practice
has finally got the e-commerce site online, checkout http://www.tsaathis.com and buy a couple of tees :)
picked up the t-shirts this morning, they look awesome, ready for sale, get your orders in now...
is picking up the finished t-shirts tomorrow morning, can't wait
is investigating how to improve the quality of our garments
just came back from the screenprinters, t's should be printed by next week
is waiting for TUESDAY now for these T's to be finished, whats with businesses not following through on deadlines?
I just added myself to http://twitr.org Twitter Directory under #clothing #fashion #australia
is basking over Carltons second win and retaining of the top of the ladder :)
@linkturtle Whats happening British.
has had the Trial Kennedy album on repeat all week, and still loves every song
handed over the tee designs to the screen printer this morning, yes i awoke well before midday, first time in a while actually

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