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Is it cheaper to buy or rent? Here's your final answer. #RealEstate
7 questions you NEED to ask at an open house. (Save this link on your phone before you go.)
Do you know the most popular home styles in America? You will now.
Your #news update: New home sales surged, but buyers are still experiencing a shortage.
Remodeling? Kitchens often provide you the highest return on investment. #RealEstate
How one woman paid off $20K in debt while renting. #TrueStory
Current out-of-office reply: "Three day weeeeeekend!" 'Nuff said. #MemorialDayWeekend
Oh Mylanta! The real "Full House" in San Francisco just hit the market for $4.15M.
@alexbea No shade here. We can help ASAP. Would you mind emailing your account info. to
@var_tec 🎲 We took a chance. Not our lucky day. We're happy to help with the email subscription!
RT @businessinsider: 6 negotiating tricks to try when selling your house — via @trulia
@karinagw That feature doesn't currently exist, but we've passed the request along to the rest of the team! We're big fans of new ideas.
4 signs your mortgage payment is about to go up, up . . . outta here! #FirstHome
Mark Zuckerberg bought his neighbors' homes just to rip them down. (via @NYDailyNews) #News
Science says you're more likely to buy a home if the price ends in a “9." #Math #Real Estate
RT @Curbed: New study reveals best cities for recent college grads.
@missladyt We've got your back! If you follow us back, we'll send a DM right away.
Ever wonder what color you should paint your house? These are THE most popular shades. #DIY
6 insiders reveal secrets every house hunter should know. #ProTip #RealEstate
#Breaking: America's 40 strongest job markets for new college grads revealed. #Graduation

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