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@PeterCBlack @DebHarkness @winehiker Nailed it.
@ASUMathematics Unsure. But these maps can #ZombieLocator
@svdbypiercings We know where the Zombies are! Seriously... checkout our #ZombieLocator
@CANADABrian Amazing! I wonder if zombie cats are included in our #ZombieLocator map...
@yonaheveline @JohnLeguizamo Yowza. We actually have maps that tell you where the zombies are... you're welcome
@Jackson_D_Chase True story: you can use our maps to see if your city is safe. #ZombieLocator
@SyfyTV Dun dun dun! Fun fact: we have maps to help you avoid moments like this ^. #ZombieLocator
@DebHarkness @winehiker This map might help you out #ZombieLocator
@KGWNews Pro-tip: if there are zombies in your area - run. Our maps can help you out. #ZombieLocator
@MarqueeMarc Answer: No. But we do have some maps to help you save your own life. #ZombieLocator
In case you were wondering where worst places are to seek refuge during the zombie apocalypse @HuffingtonPost
RT @goodhousemag: This Home Has a Few Spooky (and Hilarious) Surprises Inside
Trick or Treat? We hosted a haunted open house using 16 @GoPro cameras. Watch the spook-tacular frights unfold #GoPro
@successfullysta Thanks!
Bling your pumpkin #TruliaTips
RT @Forbes: Jennifer Lawrence purchased a gorgeous Beverly Hills mansion for $8.225 million:
We hosted an open house of the haunted variety, watch house hunters become hunted #HappyHalloween
Watch what happens when the house hunters become the house hunted: #HappyHalloween
Boo! Don't be scared to buy solo. Here are some tips for all the single house hunters out there
Did you know you can check out crime in your neighborhood by using our crime map overlay? It's pretty handy.

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