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When you want to sleep, but see this yard, and now all you can think about is living here.
The secret to selling your home quick? It’s all in the photos. #Truth
#TheMoreYouKnow Pull your couch 12 inches from the wall and use the space for storage.
Touchdown! 10 fantasy homes perfect for watching #SB50.
This house is Hobbit-size only. #LOTR
@gem_ray Now that's a feature request we can pass along. Happy Friday!
@Hellomynameis_b Wowie, California . . . how you've changed. (We'll get right on this!)
Why replacing that old toilet could bump up your home's worth. (via @Time) #RealEstate
@Hellomynameis_b We'll keep our eyes peeled!
Fashion blogger @thestylesafari’s number one tip to instantly make over any room:
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And the 10 greediest cities in America are … #PayDay #MoneyMoneyMoney
Home fires injure over 12,600 people every year. Protect yourself with these hot tips:
6 tips to keep your home looking photo-shoot-ready at all times. #Photography
One for you, one for me. #FriendsDay
Will you find the one this month? Check your February house #horoscope. #Lucky
RT @POPSUGARHome: 6 things I wish I knew when I bought my first home! @trulia
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