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A Zombie and his Ghoul friend via @pinterest on ebay A Custom order of a duck wearing sandals by trolltracks on Etsy, $45.00
A kangaroo with joey baby one of a kind polymer by trolltracks, $45.00 via @pinterest Realistic raccoon peeking out of a hole.
A little FAIRY peeking out of a tree stump by trolltracks via @Etsy A little FAIRY peeking out of a tree stump by trolltracks on Etsy, $29.00
Sooo neat! CUSTOM ORDER Large Dragon by creaturesfromel on Etsy, $300.00
Pumpkin costumed Nobbins love to dress up for by trolltracks via @Etsy
Fall under 15 dollars by Skunkhollow on Etsy
Freela a fairy fae faerie pink ooak art doll by trolltracks via @Etsy
Working on scary trolls from the dark side of Hob Knobby Hollow.
Theo a baby urchin sleeping in a shell by trolltracks via @Etsy
Frivolous Frog on a rock One of a kind by trolltracks via @Etsy
OOAK cute silly baby OWL hatchling by TROLLTRACKS!!! - eBay (item 190522281176 end time Apr-14-11 14:46:13 PDT)
OOAK cute baby flamingo by TROLLTRACKS!!! - eBay (item 190521931447 end time Apr-13-11 13:58:27 PDT)
I'm not CraZy, I'm ClaYZy by Pixxistix on @Etsy
OOAK Sultan a baby mouse laying about by TROLLTRACKS!! - eBay (item 190518043389 end time Apr-02-11 15:56:50 PDT)
Little critters and mushrooms.... by DreamofaDream on @Etsy
Rabbits Everywhere by Skunkhollow on @Etsy
working on new tutorial Make a monkey of polymer clay and fur

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About trolltracks

I love to make trolls, monkeys, and babies of polymer clay. I try to sell on

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