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@BelmanHomes Thanks for the tip. Just bought my tickets!
RT @dbhurley: Why I Love Open Source (Reason 1) #opensource #community
@The_Real_Chelse What a radical concept! @augieray
7 Ways to Make Your Video Stand Out on Pinterest
@paysbig We've never been disappointed with anything you guys do. Always first class and well done with attention to detail! @MarjieSnyder
@augieray Don't forget the most important metric: oohs & aahs from the other SM gurus when the media makes your stuff go viral! @SuperRob
@augieray Unfortunately, just like they did with technology folks, agencies & brands scramble to find SM people & pay too much for stupid.
@augieray What is it about Social Media that causes marketers to lose their minds?
Sigh. RT @augieray: Thousand dead in a war? This calls for a brand content marketing strategy! #rtmfail
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@sdoocy Is that Peter on the right? How time flies!
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@Sp0on ♬♫♪ Happy birthday to you ♫♪♬ ♪♬♫ Happy birthday to you ♪♬♫ ♬♫♪ Happy birthday dear Sara ♬♫♪ ♬♫♪ Happy birthday to you ♫♪♬
@tomhenrich What? You didn't subscribe to trucker's magazine? Maybe @sawaboof signed you up. :)
10 reasons people don't care about your content
Five Necessary Website Questions You REALLY Need to Ask Yourself

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