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@MarjieSnyder Define survive! :) @JessicaDunbar @teamtrivera
8 Recommendations For Designing Your Customer Experience Program
4 Ways to Avoid Social Media Burnout
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@eMilwaukee I was wondering if the closures might actually reduce the amount of traffic going straight through. Can only hope.
5 rules for choosing the perfect web typeface
RT @bampemama: #teamtrivera Watch out Chicago office!
Thanks for the survey @BestBuy. Unfortunately, you'll think I was happy with your employees' & their tablets. Concept: A+, Execution: D-
It's not funny, but when the article about Harrison Ford's plane crash mentioned he was flying Solo, the Star Wars geek in me chuckled.
@SazsStateHouse Thanks guys! @MarjieSnyder & I had our post-courthouse-wedding lunch w/ our best man & maid of honor at your place. :)
Missed this. A great opportunity to learn about @TheTeditorial in something more than 140 characters.
Ouch! 4 Stats that Show that Social Media is An Excellent Channel for Companies That Don’t Want to Sell Anything
10 ways to power up your press releases
@JohnJagler Pretty sure the 5 second rule doesn't apply to gas stations and convenience stores. @KwikTrip
@chadhohner Living out in the boonies, we only get there once a year at most. Sad cuz we like em. @MarjieSnyder @MRC58 @SazsStateHouse
@chadhohner Used to go there all the time when @MarjieSnyder worked up the street at Lazer103. Not much lately. :( @MRC58 @SazsStateHouse
@chadhohner According to the article, it's only the catering that's moving. @MRC58 @SazsStateHouse

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