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@BlatzLiquor Perfect weekend for it. We did ours, too. Your grass is greener than ours, though. We're still mostly brown up here.
I'm at Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant in Brookfield, WI
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@ClvrDog Say hi to Kostas for me!!!!
RT @johnpearsontv: I did not know this was happening until meeting with @triveraguy I hope your company is prepared!…
5 Ecommerce Metrics You Need Need to Measure If You Want To Scale Like the Big Guys
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@kdub10s I had to look twice at it. Thought it was a typo.
3 Unignorable Components Of A Sustainable Web Presence
@Tim_Sluga The argument has been "we don't need a mobile UX because we don't have mobile traffic." What if traffic is BECAUSE of the UX?
Already know how mobile is killing the Desktop. Here's how the smartphone is killing the tablet
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