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I'm at @Applebees (Menomonee Falls, WI)
@sunshinejess22 They're doing Menomonee Falls next season. Cant wait to see the Gurda/McGivern sequence on the bridge in front of our office
@raffel Where was our invitation tonight? lol @MarjieSnyder @hawtwife @DylonSteakhouse
Totally enjoying MPTV Around the Corner tonight. Gurda & McGivern taking the Milwaukee River trip we're planning for ourselves this summer.
@rjaskelton Pretty sure @mkemichael is stalking us all. Just a matter of time he jumps out and nerfs all of us! @SkeltonHolly @MarjieSnyder
@SkeltonHolly You follow us & then try to make everyone believe WE'RE following YOU? So who was there first, hmm? @MarjieSnyder @rjaskelton
I'm at Brisco County Wood Grill (Menomonee Falls, WI) w/ 2 others
Awesome wisdom from @BtotheD: Why a three-year-old should lead strategy on your next campaign
RT @TeamTrivera: Because of all these, website trend #15: More will choose @TeamTrivera RT @bampemama: 14 Website Trends for 2014 http://t…
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5 Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Videos & Website -
RT @ChrisBland: An SEO expert walks in to a bar, bars, club, clubbing, night club, alcohol, shots, party, beer, wine, drink, drinks
@BtotheD Saw headline on your new BizTimes piece & thought “what stupid crap is this?” Read it & it was AWESOME!!! Hope more do what I did.
So all the products & services I've spent hours editing are gone and now I have to create Showcase Pages? Thanks a pantload, LinkedIn! Ugh
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A 10-point media relations checklist from a PR pro.
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