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Got rid of the 4th mouse trapped in my office this week, a dead squirrel in lot & emptied dehumidifier. CEO resume gets better all the time.
@djenders Way to go you guys! @7SummitsAgency @Lukas_Sparks
@AllyMSchweitzer Fingers and toes all crossed! @NickSchweitzer
@NickSchweitzer Betcha a bunch of those third stringers will be playing when the starters get injured @AllyMSchweitzer
@SaraSantiago You can't fire me. I am a recording. :p
@Raags Only call I missed was my own to check my voicemail. But had THAT call come in, I'm sure @KaleyTzuMuffet2 would have answered. ;)
@AJBombers Amen... hard to win a Super Bowl with your best guys on crutches.
@AllyMSchweitzer Wait! Packers & Chiefs are on and you two are watching food? @NickSchweitzer
@AJBombers #Yay but only a little. Good to learn the names of all the guys who will be playing when the 1st stringers start getting hurt
@Raags Grocery store where I get our salads for lunch is 1/3 of the way home, & I almost made a speed run, but I stayed strong!
RT @mkemichael: Happy Thirsty Thursday! @TeamTrivera
@anthonypsherman @tosasoccerdad You'll notice that @bootyp & I are no longer participating in this discussion #notgoingthere #seenoevil
9 Reasons to Self-Promote Shamelessly on LinkedIn
@bootyp Aw, man! Now you've gone and done it.
@tdsbiz I always knew I was above average in SOMETHING!
@SaraSantiago "Your call (giggle) is very (chuckle) important (guffaw) to us!" (ROFL)
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The Biggest Mobile Marketing Mistake You Need To Avoid (via @ShellyKramer)
26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates
10 Ways to Make Social Media an Effective Business Habit

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