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Must Read: The Top Web UX Predictions for 2015 (via @TeamTrivera UX guru @andyfrahm)
@augieray There needs to be a tag, or a way to block them, or something, because the warnings on my LinkedIn profile don't even stop them!
@LisaManna I'm surprised that businesses see those ads and say "Yes! I want these guys as the foundation of my business' digital success."
@augieray I get some, but my big LinkedIn irritation is the Indian outsourcers wanting to connect so we ship them work -which we never do
@jwillow Congrats!!!! @milwaukeemag
@m_sosh Congrats on the coverage in @milwaukeemag
@woodmacy036 Sorry. Our position is in house.
@woodmacy036 Are you a local in Milwaukee?
@MVPSusi Actually, I still do! @TeamTrivera
Hey guys! Trivera is looking for a Back End Magento Developer! Know anyone?
@bampemama That's actually a certification requirement. ;) @TeamTrivera
Hey @TeamTrivera! @bampemama found a new CMS we need to get certified in!
RT @TeamTrivera: Fun read. We could have written that! :) RT @MVPSusi: A Web Design History Lesson: From 1996 to 2015 - Market Blog http://…
@DOZCOM Thanks. :)
Amen!!! RT @m_sosh: Facebook needs a 'Sympathy' button
@DOZCOM No, I haven't. Got a link? :)
Can't believe that brands who expect to be taken seriously still use GoDaddy for anything.
@radiobenolson What a knob. I hope he gets fined anyway. @darrickhartman
Why Price Establishes The Brand Experience
9 Characteristics Of Brands That Work As Assets - How Many of These are true for yours?

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