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7 B2B Website Best Practices to Enhance Your Online Presence
Fortunately, you can see the full show here:
@mj_preston Congrats, you guys! @streamcreative @HubSpot
@andyfrahm I used to love Dave. Until he started kicking me off his lawn. ;)
Seriously, @netsolcares? You have never heard of this?
6 people you need on your content marketing team
3 Rules for Business Success from Mark Cuban (Although without #1, the other 2 don't matter)
@littlestudiomke Congrats on the launch, @brian_mayer! Glad it was great show for you. @ericaconway @SaraMeaney
@KatrinaCravy Will have to try it. You're THE Wash. Co, dining expert. Servers there & @jailhouseBuz are always abuzz when you've been in.
@ericaconway Couldn't make it this year and I was bummed... that was the one session I really wanted to go to. @SaraMeaney
@BtotheD I've known some people who take that approach to relationships, as well.
@KatrinaCravy Did Manhattan's make the list by your own personal recommendation? Been going there for years but never had their pizza!
@kdub10s Very cool! @Mike_Thiel
@Mike_Thiel With Idol, CSI, Stewart, Letterman and Ferguson all going away, do we even know that there will be a season 31? @kdub10s
@Mike_Thiel I'd PREFER to see her win. @kdub10s
@kdub10s Ironically, I think Mike. He should have been gone every week since midseason & managed to survive. Could earn a reluctant victory
@TheDudekAbides It sounds like it will have that... and Ione Quinby Griggs, too. :)
30 Marketing Attribution Terms Every Business Should Know
@kdub10s Ha... I wondered why Tweetdeck kept trying to autocorrect it to @js_newswatch I stand corrected. @journalsentinel

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