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@Sargon_of_Akkad I'd vote for him. For president though.
RT @Sargon_of_Akkad: There's a part of me that really wants to see Alex Jones run for congress.
RT @Timcast: People are calling me racist because I found refugee drug dealers in Athens. Look, this stuff is really happening https://t.co…
This moron is white, bought (or shamed via guilt) into the myth of white cops purposefully murdering black ppl for… https://t.co/gebwg897A7
Few videos in internet history have aged so poorly-the morons @TheYoungTurks were off on literally every prediction https://t.co/IyvSXN9E2B
RT @KatTimpf: When I say "I liked Weezer in high school" yes I do mean "All my crushes were unrequited & Pinkerton lyrics made the best awa…
RT @CollinRugg: This is what happens when you dress like ISIS, look for trouble, and try to terrorize our country! #MAGAMARCH #Huntington…
According to the echo chamber of fake news left-wing mainstream media we're all Russian bots. Glad I went & met oth… https://t.co/lm5E5xUWhs
RT @TheTruthOneTwo: #Antifa trouble maker finally gets his ass kicked #MAGA https://t.co/y2qE8AiWTy
RT @RussiaInsider: US Media Falls in Love With Unhinged British Witch Who Wants to Bomb Russia https://t.co/67tH34lGyC https://t.co/GuvqyhK…
RT @YoungDems4Trump: Unsure why Senate Dems are rejoicing the #AHCA's failure. #FullRepeal is now on the horizon.
RT @JamesOKeefeIII: I would love to ask her at what point does that occur? https://t.co/KmVgLSHRa6
RT @RoamingMil: Just checked, Youtube demonetized four more of my videos. If any creators aren't yet on Patreon, I highly recommend it. Don…
RT @MissLizzyNJ: Why we need term limits: 1. Eliminates career politicians 2. Promotes new ideas 3. Combats corruption 4. Nancy Pelosi 5.…
RT @LaloDagach: Edited Meme Qur'an quote VS Unedited Real Qur'an quote #LondonBridge #LondonAttacks #London #PrayForLondon https://t.c…
RT @PrisonPlanet: This happens after every attack and every time the media calls it a "conspiracy theory". https://t.co/XvqrBFQ5aa
@allidoisowen muslim who was so fast to pretend he didn't know what taqiyya was, what a load of bullshit dude
@allidoisowen the muslim dude on the stream today was straight up lying to you. He offered to quote the koran to you *in Arabic*, is a sunni
Looking forward to it https://t.co/zJNjMXvT8z

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