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Looks like NY Times has a George HW Bush obituary on standby--he must be about to croak as it was on Google News, n… https://t.co/ODxJrazS85
RT @AbbyMartin: .@mattyglesias Keep punching left to those doing actual work while you sycophantically promote neoliberalism & wars, you de…
RT @ggreenwald: Beyond the whistleblowing, ponder Manning's courage: she publicly announced her transition in a military prison in Fort Lea…
Love it https://t.co/ssXVSdZzsh
RT @JoshNoneYaBiz: Time to start putting lefties on 5150 holds... https://t.co/LBPotS8MwD
GREAT VIDEO <3 @1791L - What Milo & Martin reveal about the left https://t.co/bPv7ma86vF - arrogant hypocrite fascists denounce fascism lol
Hilarious throwback to November 3, 2016 - my, how their tunes have changed! 😱🤣 https://t.co/BwYzRmbo8y
RT @KamVTV: Looks like this site is on a suspension spree targeting high profile Trump supporters right before inauguration. How liberal of…
RT @goodwebdesign: Tiny Trends #1: Non-Rectangular Headers - https://t.co/OF2zyXg1F8 https://t.co/Ty6GrFuDMV
@realDonaldTrump @CNN is a joke and I think I speak for all Americans regardless of politics that we loved you shutting them up--FAKE NEWS
You'd think she'd be using opportunity to bolster phony MSM claims on Russia, but Hillary Clinton's had what, 3 appearances post-election?
RT @wikileaks: FBI letter sent to Martin Luther King telling him to kill himself within 34 days or face sex smear #MLKDAY https://t.co/Vqwn…
RT @RealAlexJones: BREAKING Islamic State And Mexican Cartels Strike At U S In Mexico https://t.co/Ze3hgoqSy6
@nataliecatalie_ Please explain to me exactly WHAT inequality you suffer from?
@gullibles4trump PRO TIP: Next time you waste your time tweeting against the incoming President, at least link to a reputable news source
@shy_survivor Remember that RETARDS like yourself still repeat talking points that are completely FALSE because you’re such a beta-male cuck
@brittpettibone Haha I can already imagine the militant 300 lbs, pasty, blue-haired androgynous amoebae w/ their “die cis scum” posters
@prplehearttrump Surely you were bitching whenever CIA’s lied in the past, overthrown govts, tortured ppl, smuggled drugs to US, etc. Right?
@prplehearttrump You’re a fucking idiot - the CIA are a bunch of rogue criminals & there’s NO PROOF of “Russian” ANYTHING
RT @wikileaks: NOTE: No present WikiLeaks staff, including our editor, have medical, psychological or drug conditions which could lead to s…

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