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Great to hear that @southwickmp is a fan of the trade show - and thanks for coming to @nmwmelb
Who's getting govt grants ATM? Kpmg presentation at @nmwmelb suggests there are programs for growth, future industries and a dozen more
Michelle Baxter CEO, safe work Australia kicks off #sfce with a reminder that workplace deaths today are a third of those of 30 yrs ago
RT @Mamamia: "Tony Abbott, $550 is chump change when women get paid $1 million less than men over their lifetimes." #thankstony…
Tedx Macquarie is presenting an inspiring series is speakers on the theme of Futureproof
I've just updated my professional profile on LinkedIn. Connect with me and view my profile. #in
Raspberry Ketones and Fat Lose
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The New Breed Supplement called Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss
RT @RaquelEvita: This is the warrior for truth who so threatens the #Taliban they have vowed to kill her. #MalalaYousufzai ...
@tomderuyck Hi Tom, hoping to chat as PR for Direction First. Emailed u my contacts - or can I ring you?
Wot an invite!! RT @leighsales: If you ever have something you think might make a story for #abc730, contact us here
TV show starting soon will provide 'sensible advice ' for problems. Like 'don't put your issues on national tv', maybe?
RT @BRW: More innovative than your competitors? @BRW Most Innovative Companies - entries now open #brwawards
Nice article on Mumbrella today including the hope that the new media world will increase the value of print journalist
RT @BRWmagazine: Last week for entries to BRW Fast Starters Companies younger than 4 years old can enter.
Travel magazines are now doing their Valentines Day destination stories - get your best photos out, B&B owners!!
ROFL at Crikey's First Dog cartoon today - especially for 'Julia goes to stabby town' and 'inexorable re-Kevinning'.
Casting now: US reality TV show seeking to solve disputes - eg divorces - 'the more colourful the better'. Oivey.

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