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I love my machine, but mostly I love being able to have people over and love on them this way.… https://t.co/WovG8iv89k
God blesses us to be a blessing to others. Sometimes it's hard to let go of something so that… https://t.co/ILImjrNUMu
Out do one another in honor. ❤️ this thought from today's sermon. Thanks @steveryancarter… https://t.co/Q7nlf2mINt
Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 https://t.co/tgPxpHfZLh
Don't you think birds should have the option to grow a mustache? #dali https://t.co/4l88O8YQF1
Soaking up every moment of this night, you never know when it might be the last. Before bed he… https://t.co/oCgaB3GDWS
I really have the best job as a substitute! A student (that I taught last year) made this… https://t.co/giTFNmZ96z
Come see me at @northbranchyoga in Skokie today now until 5! https://t.co/KmzTpFuny8
Seriously how could you not have best Halloween when you get to visit Willy Wonka's! #clemont… https://t.co/QCz8qzau7N
“But that will come; sure as God made green apples. Some day the Chicago Cubs are going to be in… https://t.co/AmElRbRlpP
We are enjoying the atmosphere. No tickets but it's fun down here just the same. #worldseries… https://t.co/XSWqT0C5FB
Good news Cubs fans, I am available to go with you to the game tonight! For those of you who… https://t.co/XH3JBcIjld
Homecoming weekend at #UofI means getting to bed late and waking up before the sun for marching… https://t.co/XuuByYsBS3
There's a million things he hasn't done...but this won't be one! Thanks @Lin_Manuel for feeding his love of theater… https://t.co/DNlEef5LNn
This is one lucky kid. There's a million things he hasn't done...but this won't be one.… https://t.co/XwzLo3w45g
So this just happened!!! #letsgoCubs #flythew https://t.co/zrwFBdVOSF
Spent part of the weekend at the @artinstitutechi with my son, helping him to understand art is… https://t.co/7DJW3of597
#flytheW https://t.co/L0Ts6X96sn
Too many times I am so focused on the raging waves surrounding me that I miss the path that he… https://t.co/dey7U9NLPk
I learned awhile ago it's good to connect with kids quickly when subbing. Being able to draw… https://t.co/5BUKO9eyaU

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Artist, designer and a fan of all life has to offer.

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