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Thank you Officer Rob and the Skokie Police Dept. for making these kids' night! #halloween… https://t.co/MdraoXrjrF
Tonight's group was so much fun! Celebrating friendship is always an amazing time to witness.… https://t.co/pINfe8wYsH
Finally celebrating my birthday with my SIL with @train. Oh yeah and our new friend behind us 😂 https://t.co/J3ZiH3PkoW
Good way to spend the day... #artfulstory #artofinstagram https://t.co/d9a4VBRDRp
Nothing better than a day at the lincolnparkzoo, sketching with my boy. #artistsoninstagram… https://t.co/IhojRf6Xjv
Today has been a day for sure. A close friend lost a brother suddenly, my brother and SIL lost a… https://t.co/4WPibPbyFk
Apparently instead of a bookworm we have a bookgecko. I guess it makes a good hiding spot on my… https://t.co/t8yVxT9pUh
Loved working with this small group yesterday. They were finishing up a study together and… https://t.co/kniQ8DNcmU
Matching glitter shoes...is there anything better. #glitter #shoes #motherson https://t.co/OGkM8aM5m1
I call this. "The Statue of Liberty lost her balloon" or "She releases her love for all to see"… https://t.co/LIkou5YhvX
Back to my animals. It's been too long. #studiotime #artfulstoryjournal #truecolors #artfulstory https://t.co/o2FH2gTEy2
Today's coffee adventure, takes us under the sea. #latteart #anglerfish #coffee #coffeeart https://t.co/HRy7JPfKYP
When you are 3 hours from home having breakfast at your hotel and some random stranger asks if… https://t.co/oss4np0SDO
@hearts_at_home thanks for another great weekend. @liz_lassa and I had a blast meeting so many… https://t.co/YliBiia53A
We are all set up and ready for this weekend at @hearts_at_home. If your here stop by and say hi… https://t.co/umm2e8E0Sc
One little one didn't quite make it till the flag was raised, while the other was trying to get… https://t.co/6DEpTjH4vg
The weather was beautiful this weekend... what better way to see the city then on wheels. https://t.co/aF7lvTB2sr
It just so happens...you were made for such a time as this...when you allow God in and allow him… https://t.co/XnqCpOtpwL
Another great message from @steveryancarter again today...this was only the first part of the… https://t.co/qioqDobszt
I love my machine, but mostly I love being able to have people over and love on them this way.… https://t.co/WovG8iv89k

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