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@jacorbett ...a montage first, you can then upload it as your photo for your postcard. Hope this helps!
@jacorbett Hiya. Currently this is only possible on our iPhone app, but we'll be making this available for more users soon! If you make a...
@betamother ...this helps. Any questions please do ask, and thanks for using Touchnote!
@betamother Hiya. Your credits include free delivery to anywhere in the world with a postal system: 1 credit = 1 delivered postcard! Hope...
@pennypower Aaww thanks Penny :-D It's always nice hearing feedback on our advert & it's always a pleasure hearing from our favourite fans!
@RafaelZeier --> any problems, or think you've paid the wrong price, please email us at so we can help!
@RafaelZeier Thanks for getting back to us. Any draft cards are stored on your phone so we can't check from our database, but if you have ->
@RafaelZeier Hi again. Did you also have 2 draft cards at this time? The text is a confusing (so not good), but that's why it says 3 credits
@notthatbrittany 2/2 ... postcard, you will see the size of your text. Usually comes out around size 10 or 11. Hope this helps!
@notthatbrittany Hiya. The more text you write, the smaller the font size. If you email and ask for the PDF of your...1/2
@RafaelZeier Hey Rafael, that isn't right :-/ Our team is looking into it! It should be 1 credit for a postcard, thanks for letting us know!
@sarahwarsaw19 - we always resend or refund if any probs!
@sarahwarsaw19 Hi Sarah, sorry to hear this! Tuesday's orders (to UK addresses) should've arrived yesterday or today. Please email us at...
@grahame_dt This is exactly what we like to hear Grahame :-) If you ever have any feedback or questions, do let us know. Happy card sending!
"Sometimes I find faces in my mailbox" [PHOTO]
RT @sekott: What's better than a retweet. Receiving a physical post card in the mail via Touchnote app without even licking a stamp.
@grahame_dt Ah yes, the iPhone app has had lots of new features added recently :-) Delighted to be helping family photos be enjoyed and...
@grahame_dt Very nice of you to say so Grahame! Which Touchnote app are you using - iPhone, iPad or Android? :-)
@chrisoshea 2/ ... credits anywhere, so please help yourself to any! PS - I love this dinosaur + steak :-)
@chrisoshea 1/ Hey Chris, you are quite right. We're making updates one platform at a time & we're not quite there yet :-/ You can use...

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