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@dotsmy Hi Jamie, have you installed our latest, iOS8-friendly update? If yes, and you're having problems, please email!
Quick poll on our FB page: would you order blank Christmas cards from Touchnote? -->
@teenytinyleanne After such kind words, we certainly will, thank you! Delighted to have your lovely self sending postcards with us :-) x
RT @teenytinyleanne: Hey @touchnote? You guys ROCK. Literally, an incredible app & service. Thank you. Enjoy your weekend! xxx
@Claire_A_BelleH Hi Claire - you did indeed! I just replied, at long last :-)
Our iOS8-friendly iPhone update is now available in the app store -->
We're doing some server maintenance, so no card sending for the next hour we're afraid. We'll be back up very soon!
Dear iPhone & iPad users: please wait before updating to iOS 8! The iOS8-friendly Touchnote is coming soon! Read more
@MoMcKaySoprano Maureen, you are most welcome! I'm very happy that you like - any questions or feedback do let us know :-)
@peter_tl Thanks Peter! @MatinaStevis I hope you like - our iPhone app is full of lovely things too :-) (App Store:
@louisebinns @sarajwalton1 Wonderful! I clicked favourite, but that didn't seem adequate... You are both our favourites! :-D
@andrewwhiteau You are too kind! :-) Fingers crossed our update is available before the iOS 8 update rolls out...!
@andrewwhiteau Our pleasure. And if you find any probs after the update, please do tell us!
@andrewwhiteau Ah! Our iOS8 friendly update will be available any day now. For now, it's iOS7x only I'm afraid!
@sarajwalton1 Our pleasure, and many thanks indeed! Do shout if we can help any more - and do try our iPhone version, with newer features!
@sarajwalton1 already, I'll follow up to investigate. But you can rotate (twist) and zoom (pinch) to crop your photo in the postcard
@sarajwalton1 Hmm, that's annoying, sorry. Pls check you have the latest version installed (iTunes: If you have...
@sarajwalton1 You're using the iPad app, and you are trying to use a cropped photo, but in Touchnote you see the original, uncropped photo?
@sarajwalton1 @louisebinns Hello! Can we help?
@katrinatoo Hiya. That shouldn't happen :-( Please email - we can check & change you to login via email if needed. Sorry!

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