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RT @jajaranza: Touchnote is the only reason why I still send postcards.
@pennypower Aw, shucks :) Thanks for the kind words, Penny! We're very proud of the new app! - Conni
@RonniTheRiveter We're sure they'll be pretty sweet if you're the one making them, Ronni! - Conni
@Hallie912 P.S we love receiving postcards from our users! If you ever want to send us one, the address is on our website ;) - Conni
@Hallie912 Hey! I'm so pleased you like our app! And WE'D like to thank YOU for being a super card sender :) Welcome to Touchnote! -Conni
@Jezfx Ah yes. We're working on fixing this. Sorry it crashes for now :-( But thanks for letting us know, I've added 1 credit for you :-)
@Jezfx Thanks Jez! Was the bug on iPhone or iPad? -David
@thehtcbro Thanks :) We're very flattered, we take pride in the quality of our cards! Thanks for being a great card sender!
@Haje Thanks for the shout out, Haje! :) :)
@chailey_ We're glad that you and Paddington are enjoying using the app! Thanks for being a great card sender :) - Conni
@cookieadores1D best of luck! :)
@Photocritic Thanks for the shout out! We're pleased you like our app :) - Conni
@chicaratamura Hi there, this function is indeed available on our little app! :)
@RussianArtist_ What a lovely idea! We're so happy we can help you share your beautiful paintings :) Thanks for being a great card sender!
@SeSeL1D Best of luck! :)
@TravelexUK Thanks Travelex! We think so too :) We hope our little app will help to make sending postcards a lot easier for many travelers!
RT @TravelexUK: Did anyone notice the @touchnote app that @RichardAyoade featured in #TravelMan? Fantastic way to create personalized postc…
@terrigriff2 Hey, Terri! We're thrilled you like our little app :) We think that surprising family is one of the best things in the world!
@downey_kathryn Hi, I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you, and that your card won't send :( are you still having troubles with it?
@Pkakooza Aw, shucks! Thanks, Prossy! We'll always do our best to help you however we can :) Thanks for being a great card sender!

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