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@danandjonathan This must be frustrating, sorry. In Jan we'll be back to normal.
@danandjonathan (2) holly on the inside! Or you can send a postcard. Sorry about that!
@danandjonathan I'm afraid all our greetings cards are festive currently! You can send a plain photo on the front, but there will be (1)
@RickieAtWork Hey Rickie, lovely to read such kind words! Your thank you cards will be easy and wonderful :-)
Touchnote Christmas Edition is here! Download from iTunes ( or visit
@ScottDodsworth @CraveCharl We like happy :-D
@ScottDodsworth @CraveCharl Such a beautiful postcard collage :-) If you're both happy for us to post this on our Instagram, let me know!
RT @ScottDodsworth: Awesome card from @CraveCharl via @touchnote - Thank you!
@MississippiNerd Hi. Yes it should be fine! If you have any problems, do let us know :-)
@Vicky_Bentall If an app could be in love with a person, it would almost certainly be Vicky Bentall ♥
@hnprop Can you DM your email address so I can check your order first?
@LeeRender @mkcol Love this! Not sure we've had a jumbo-jet-landing-behind-selfie postcard before! :-D
@hnprop Hi Ian. Sorry to hear this, we always refund if anyone is ever unhappy with a card - just email and ask.
@NoRedBraces Beautiful photo. Lucky grandmother! :-)
RT @NoRedBraces: I do love @touchnote - my Grandmother gets cards from wherever I am working
@Hallie912 Very glad to hear! Also, our Christmas update is coming in a few days, which will fix all and feature new Christmas cards :-)
@djbrass Can you DM us your email address please?
@djbrass Really sorry, especially as you've been with us so long. The app update next week (with Christmas cards) will fix iOS 7 issues too.
@djbrass --> computer, you can install the latest iOS (space not a prob). You can use for cards. Hope this helps!
@djbrass Sorry about this. Updating iOS will fix, or we have an app update coming next week. If you connect your iPhone to iTunes on a -->

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