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@tlv2lhr that's not good! Sorry about this, please can your friend email so we can check this out
Check when we're posting cards over Easter: - have a cracking weekend everyone!
@hallemcready Ha, so you knew exactly what kind of postcards they were then :-D
RT @TheJimMichaels: Time to get my Turmeric fix and look a some post cards! #Supernatural #SPNFamily #jimions
@hallemcready They're sent via our app/website - send your photo as a postcard, delivered to anywhere. There's been a bit of a campaign :-)
@k7vin Hey Kevin, glad you like! If you sent to US addresses, they'll be putting smiles on faces next week :-)
RT @rachaparker: This @touchnote postcard from @alliebatte might be the best ever. 💌
@GreenSamaa I hope your campaign is successful! Awesome cards! :-)
Stunning views of Shanghai, from one of the highest cranes in the world:
@chailey_ Yes, I went myself and thought the same! And there's more sections to come I think :-)
@DukeOfPork Well, we love them all the same! I bet the card made a nice little thank you :-)
@DukeOfPork Well, we certainly think so ;-) Who sent it to you?
@chailey_ If you ordered on Sat, it'll be printed & posted 1st class today, to arrive tmrw or Weds. What did you think of the Olympic Park?
@chailey_ Ha! HDR mode in the Olympic Park?
10 geological wonders of the world, stunning photos. How many do you recognise? I got 5...
@quitjobtravel It's lovely to know we're involved in helping in a small way :-) Also, I just looked up the festival. Jealous!!
@quitjobtravel This is so cool! We absolutely LOVE seeing photos like this. We exist for this! Which country will feature on her next 1? :-)
RT @quitjobtravel: Thank you @touchnote for making it so easy to keep Grandma up to date on my adventures. Puts a smile on her face. http:/…
Doesn't fly. Does swim! (see more pics:
@pennypower Great! I checked your acc - it was posted 1st class on Tues, so should arrive today (or tmrw if unlucky). Also: nice card! :-)

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