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@jimmywolfpack Hi, this feature is removed from the new app. However, soon you will be able to customize the stamp with any photo you like!
@Tminxys always happy to help, Tracy! :)
@tasharanee Hiya, can you DM me your email so I can take a look at the transaction data and see what's happened?
@emilydickson94 thanks Emily! :)
@tasharanee hi Natasha, sorry to hear this. Which phone are you using? You can still buy credits through our website to use within the app
@compiledwrong aw :) we're so pleased! Thanks for the shoutout!
@Twaize Hiya, sorry to hear this. Which phone are you using, and what were the errors?
@6GLeaders Thanks :)
@PilgrimChris Hiya Chris! Greetings cards will be returning to the app soon. In the meantime, you can still use our website to send them!
@ChristCentered When iOS9 is stable and released, we will ensure that Touchnote is bug free. Thanks for letting us know :)
@ChristCentered hi, iOS9 is a beta and not officially released by Apple. This means the functionality may will break apps in unexpected ways
@aajones91 glad you like it :) thanks so much for letting us know!
@ChadWeather Hiya, I'm afraid because IOS9 is beta, we currently do not support that operating system, sorry!
@itsfreya_ ha, thanks :)
@itsfreya_ ...the bottom of your order confirmation emails where you can cancel cards within an hour of ordering them! :)
@itsfreya_ ah, I'm afraid your cards have already been printed and posted, Freja. For future reference though, there's a little link at...
@itsfreya_ morning, Freja. Let me take a look at your account and see what I can do. Can you DM me the recipient you want to keep?
@RichardHarrold No problem Richard. If you ever need anything, just give us a shout :)
@RichardHarrold account as a refund. Royal mail should definitely not charge you for postage you've already paid! Sorry to hear this (3/3)
@RichardHarrold ..silly mistake by the postie and they should not have charged you at all. I have however popped a free credit in your (2/3)

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