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@fawnknutsen Sorry to be meeting you under such shady circumstances, Fawn. I hope our app doesn't start sending random postcards to people!
@lizzytw The pleasure is all ours, Liz. Welcome to the happy world of postcard sending! :-)
@djengwidz You ordered postcards but they haven't arrived? :-( Please email - we always resend (for free) or refund!
@Eskimogremlin I'm very glad to hear this! This is what we're here for! :-)
@cfelena88 Well, we certainly like to think so! Have you tried sending a postcard yet? It will put a smile on someone's face :-)
@SebastienGilles Désolé, ce n'est pas bon. Nous renverrons ou remboursement toujours - s'il vous plaît email
@skinner75 Hiya Amanda, this is great to hear! When we started, we didn't realise how perfect our postcards would be for thank yous :-)
@Eskimogremlin Yes, I'm afraid it's currently all or nothing. Hopefully we'll have separate lists soon. You can click unsubscribe anytime!
@pennypower Hiya Penny. You can send to any country in the world - free postage is included, just send as normal :-)
@Eskimogremlin I'm sorry Amy, that's not the kind of email we want to send. You're right, it is automated. Shall I stop future emails?
@lyha_LisaP Hiya Lisa - thank you! Have you tried sending a card? :-)
@wendiwoouk Why thank you Wendi! Delighted to hear you're enjoying our postcards - I'm sure your friends are too :-)
@jennywalkabout These sound like wonderful moments Jenny, thank you for sharing them using Touchnote - to be enjoyed every day in print! :-)
@Nicki_4884 --> problems, please ask our team at Sorry for your disappointment.
@Nicki_4884 Hi Nicki, sorry for the delayed response. I'm sorry to hear this - this sounds v unusual. We always resend or refund if any -->
@MoreMiriamx Aww thanks Miriam. Little rays of sunshine is wonderful description - thank you for using Touchnote to make people smile :-)
@betamother We only charge for the printing, and the price is the same worldwide :-)
@jacorbett BTW you can also simply download our iPhone app onto your iPad, it's fully compatible (despite the different screen size).
@hollybrocks We will print it with the entire text. It's a bit tricky to print dynamic scroll bars! :-)
@hollybrocks putting our hands up. we fixed all these niggly things in our iPhone app. soon coming to Android, too :-)

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