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@ZanderMander95 Hi Ben, it certainly should have been posted, please DM me your card number or email address so I can check this!
@AliceB_London Thanks for persevering!I'm forwarding your tweet to, and wagging my finger at, my server colleagues.Sorry for your hassle :-(
@AliceB_London Hi Alice, sorry to hear this. No problems reported - did you manage to order your card in the end?
@danjeggers In that case, we shall try to steal your heart with our postcards in the new year ;-)
@wheresthegos Very kind of you to say so! We aim to please :-) If you ever have feedback or questions, just ask. Merry Christmas!
@LiveFromMars Hi Josh. Currently all cards are festive with holly - but that will change straight after Xmas.Sorry this is inconvenient now!
Tonight is our final day for Christmas cards to Europe! Check all our delivery dates here -->
@zoetunstall Hi Zoe. I'm really sorry you had to keep trying - our servers have been very busy w/ Christmas! Did you manage to get sorted?
@DecisionsInt Hi. Where do you mean - via Android?
@Betti_Moser Well, history tells me that I'll probably be writing "2014" on things until at least Feb!
@Betti_Moser An easy typo to make! Login to your account & see if you can still edit it (if it's not printed already).Here if any questions!
@jonassmith retrying :-)
@zoetunstall Hi Zoe. Doesn't sound great. What's the problem? We're here 24/7 to help during the run-up to Christmas.
@jonassmith Hi, we're in the process of migrating everyone to our single iOS app, it's 100% compatible w/iPad. Link:...
@random_musings Thanks - we've now fixed the problem behind that too, glad you alerted us! Hope you're all sorted now :-)
RT @tometravels: Love @touchnote app - all my #christmas cards done and already on their way. And way cheaper than buying cards and paying …
@random_musings And no link to password reset either? Please email - we can reset it manually for you. Sorry about this!
@RockinTrips And a little less secret thanks to your tweet :-) Delighted you're a fan!
RT @RockinTrips: #bestappever is still definitely @touchnote postcards ...#bestkeptsecret
@clare_preston12 Very happy to help keep you cosy and inside! They're going to love their card - thank you for using Touchnote - Merry Xmas!

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