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@benbarrett10 Can't be certain, but I reckon it was ours :-) Our postcard apps are here :-->
@wigglesweets Emma, the pleasure is all ours! And you know who it's even better for? Your lucky card recipients :-)
@cheaptriathlete Katie, you’re too kind! ☺️ if you ever have any feedback or questions, just let us know. Welcome to Touchnote!
RT @cheaptriathlete: @touchnote You guys have created an amazing product. I discovered this today and have already sent 3 postcards.
@alunllwilliams We like curiosity :-) The answer: Guernsey!
@DigitalHeMan Hi Simon. I’m afraid they will be returning to iPhone soon! You can send them via our website or other apps, if this helps
@lcwilloughby Yup :) FYI, the VAT tax haven status that the Channel Islands enjoyed was pretty much dismantled 2 years ago.
@AiAimi Not good! Have you tried again? If still no joy, please tell us which web browser you're using so we can check things
@lcwilloughby Hi Laura. We're in Camden, London. Our UK print partner is in Guernsey, because they print and send quickly. Hope this helps!
@djengwidz Hi, sorry to hear this, but we want that card to be sent! Please email so we can check your account details
@AlexDaHitman Also, our support team is on 24/7, here to help :-)
RT @thefontpolice: Where have I been? Only just discovered @touchnote - watch out all my friends and family you'll all be getting postcards…
@AlexDaHitman Thanks! And yes of course, now following :-)
@adgerrits Great! And good to know they beat my rather slow Twitter response...!
@adgerrits That shouldn't happen! Did you accidentally create a new account? If you email we can check all for you!
@MihajloVucetic Hey! And thanks :-) Try this -->
"We've even received thank you notes for our thank you notes!" - for this postcard, shared on our Facebook page -->
@MerCuriosJewels Oh, that's no good :-( Did you check your junk folder? We emailed 14:40 EST yesterday, but I've just re-sent the email.
@Ajas89 Very glad to hear it - delighted to have you sending with us! :-)
@MerCuriosJewels Hi Mary-Jo, I can see our support team have replied to the email - sorry for the delay. Let us know how we can help!

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