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@lwbyass So sorry Caroline. Which iPhone and iOS version are you running? Please email and we'll process your refund.
@lwbyass Hi Caroline, sorry about this :-( Is it the iPhone app that's crashing? We will of course refund you if it won't work!
@KatyAdvntrists Oh wow! What a stunning photo! And thank you for your kind words Katy - delighted you like :-)
RT @KatyAdvntrists: @touchnote I love your app so much. Just sending some postcards from Lake Baikal to the nearest and dearest…
@jburgessdotcom We certainly don't this - sorry Jason :-( I'll pass this onto our product team.
@peopleofprint Sure, now following :-)
How many of you agree with this #funny pic? #family #familyphoto
@jburgessdotcom Thanks for the feedback! We hope our delightful postcards are enough to keep you coming back!
Oh no! Looks like someone might not be having a good time! Still, would make for quite a #funny postcard :p #vacation
@OpheliaFroud Delighted you think so - happy card sending! :-)
Take a look at this before-and-after #photograph of a brother and sister! #family #photography #memories
Only one day left of #halfTerm! Are you sad to say goodbye to the fun with the #kids or keen to get some #meTime?
Check out Hanna Macs beautiful family #photography! A little bit of inspiration to get out there and start shooting!
@GasiaKTVU What a beautiful view, you're so lucky! Would still make for a great postcard :)
@RachWarden Glad to hear it - thanks for persevering :-) If you have any probs again please do let us know!
@RachWarden Hello! Could you please send us a DM with your email order number and we'll have a look into it for you :)
We're honored to be on this list from @gamehouse! Have you done your #RAK2015 today? Spread the kindness! :)
@josephseager Hmm, that shouldn't be happening, sorry. Would you mind signing out and in again and seeing if still the same?
@josephseager that's no good! Sorry about that! we'll look into it.
@josephseager You can also check the status of any order through your app. If you have any other qs please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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