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Need to move to the USA by the end of this year. This might be hopeless, but still, anyone willing to sponsor a designer? #work #job #love
A few months ago we thought #VR was #dead but see where it is now. VR here to #stay or on #slowfade soon? #virtualreality #oculus #rift
It's #heartbreaking how one of the most advanced countries in the world apparently has the worst cases of #racism and #hate #crimes.
@AmyALaPorte Thanks for the follow!! Hope you are having an amazing day. Stay golden!
#recommendations : #Anime ~ Heroic Age #HeroicAge Hataraku Maou-Sama! #HatarakuMaouSama // #Manga ~ Dragonball Super #DragonBallSuper
#killjoys looks promising. Kinda ripping off some comic characters but looks good. Let's see if they can keep making it better. #TV #tvshow
Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell = Awesomeness! Just went through 5 EPs. Loving it! Great one #BBC #TV #tvshow #johnathanstrange #mrnorrell

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