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I just liked "Emotional Slideshow | After Effects Template" on @Vimeo:
I just liked "Qantas FF // Family" on @Vimeo:
I just liked "Qantas 'Feels Like Home'" by @chayseirvin on @Vimeo:
I just liked "Focus 2015 Packaging" on @Vimeo:
Have 4 #OnePlus2 #invites. If anyone wants one let me know. #OnePlus
Find a way to live for something. Cos trust me it will keep you going even when it seems hopeless. #life
Finally got myself an iPhone. Back on it after I left it at the 3gs. #apple #iPhone
#monday #boring #sucks #mindset
Someone have an #xbox preview program #invite? My gamertag is Boopreme #xboxone #Xbone #previewprogram
Back after a break!! Lots of stuff to do by December :)
I just liked "Twilio Beacon - Signal Conference 2015" on @Vimeo:
I just liked "Annapurna" by @AleksKocev on @Vimeo:
I just liked "C4d Flying Paper // Quick Tip Tut" by @caselat on @Vimeo:
I just added "the CHAMBER" to Vimeo Creative on @Vimeo:
I just liked "We Are Royale - Design Reel" by @weareroyale on @Vimeo:
I just liked "the CHAMBER" on @Vimeo:
I just liked "Reebok "Breath Deep"" by @chayseirvin on @Vimeo:
I just liked "Seed" on @Vimeo:
I just added "Thom Haig / MoGrafik Showreel 2015" to Vimeo Creative on @Vimeo:
I just liked "Thom Haig / MoGrafik Showreel 2015" by @MoGrafik on @Vimeo:

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Bookworm, Graphics Designer, Singer, Guitarist and Sound Engineer. (Ultra Uber-cool nerd/surferdude)

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