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Finally, anyways, tty as soon as i get home ;) ttys
I'm seein Tamil and Jap/Chn all over the place. Never thought India was so famous here :O Hmmmm.. Have to visit here more often!
LOL! the airports name sounds so freakin' funny!! wtf is a changi? :D LOL! okay im in Changi Airport x'D LOLOL
Now off to India for some good vacation time. Although being single is somethin' that i have come to hate & like at the same time ;/
Heading home now. And lol, the one wish i had was to see a certain someone and well, i had to travel a bit but i got to see her :]
3 days in Singapore was somethin' i thought would be boring. But the concert went well. Finally found a freakin' wifi connection!!
Currently #DXB in #Dubai. Off to Singapore in two days. Be back in three weeks.
Off to the airport. Freakin tired though. Dubai, Muscat, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney!!!!!!!!! HERE I COME!!
Funny how things change! Tour rerouted to Dubai, Muscat, Singapore, and Melbourne + Sydney. 4 weeks of nonstop travel!!
You would've been my princess, my all. I would've made you my world. But you chose not to be... And it hurt like hell..
I would've given it all up for you.. But you would rather overlook it. Why do i feel broken? Why do i feel dead inside? why...
Have you any idea the hurt someone feels when they are forgotten or ignored by the ones they love?
Everyone says something like, you deserve better. But when is someone gonna willingly and truly try and be what someone deserves?

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