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Nice little free tool: Favicon & App Icon Generator via @twitterapi
@mblumenthal Pretty clever strategy, at least for sign co. #1 in Google Serps in Denver.
@Headspace Upgraded subscription on the 16th but still no access even after several attempts to customer service.
@iOmounts @IndustryOffice @MyLobbyLink Thanks for the shoutout. Loving LobbyLink and @iOmounts and, of course!
So far #kaiserpermanente FAIL! Billing ques: 25 min on hold then disconnected. Next 35 min on hold then disconnected. 3rd time charm?
RT @MyLobbyLink: Illustrating an article titled, "No Receptionist Needed..."
RT @the_hindu: European Space agency releases 1st picture from comet
RT @MyLobbyLink: I wonder if Dan could use LobbyLink ( )?
I just unlocked the HTML Basics badge on @codecademy! via @codecademy
RT @coachtactics: Biz tip: Base your marketing around your client's pain, not yours.
There are lies, damn lies and political campaign ads #pleasemakeitstop
RT @plot_twistmrktg: #DailyPlotTwist Good advice isn't always what we expect #encouragement #payitforward
RT @MikeDonnell: LobbyLink iPad receptionist. Very simple and inexpensive
My 2015 #smallbiz goal is Raise $1 million to supercharge market penetration @CapitalOneSpark
Permission: If they don't complain when you don't show up, you don't really have permission. @SethGodinisms
Finally, a guide to semi-colons that I understand; I've semi-coloned for years in the dark! Thx! @oatmeal
@HeatherLutze reminds us that when we get found on a search engine, we must reward the searcher with a great result.
Conference Board: Worker Shortage About to Hit US via @Newsmax_Media
RT @MyLobbyLink: Ever lose #productivity because you clicked on an evil link? Check out if links are safe before you click at…
RT @MyLobbyLink: If distractions make you stupid:, will #LobbyLink make you smarter? #getsmart #welcomeproductivity

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