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Step 12: Decompress. Feed hangry demon. Get back to the studio. Unironically enjoy “I Saw The Sign” by Ace of Base & finish tonight’s work.
Step 11: There are a few things you actually have get done tonight. Find the last missing thing. Something else is missing. Facepalm. Fume.
Step 10: Sit in a corner next to your congratulatory chocolate wondering if you’re losing your mind. Go to bed early. Try again tomorrow.
Step 9: Carefully secure your project, don’t punch, bite, or break anything. Slowly back away. Throw inner tantrum.
Step 8: Put found tools back where they ought to be. Realize that something else is now missing. In addition to the original missing tools.
Step 7: After several hours and searching stupid areas multiple times, find both tools in stupid places.
Step 6: Somehow manage to make it work with the tools you have, get it in the press. Spend the next 2 hours scouring random drawers & boxes.
Step 5: Remind yourself that you’re already more than a week into this commission and if you fuck this up, you’ll have to start all over.
Step 4: Eat a comfort food lunch, relax & rev up for getting back to work. At a crucial step, realize that you’ve misplaced 2 more tools.
Step 3: With spirits high after finding exactly what you need @ store #2 buy chocolate, go home with spirits high & eat latest lunch ever.
Step 2. Abandon lost tools & go to the store for replacements. Find 1/2 of what you need, go to a 2nd store, brilliant idea = alternative.
How to ruin a day: Step 1. Misplace tools vital for work and spend the entire day, mid project, searching for them.
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Even tomboys. #MeToo
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Book ankle, my favorite kind!

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I'm an artist and craftsman. I have a shop on etsy, where I sell anything and everything that I create because a tomboy does what she wants.

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