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@MonetizePros sure thing! Can a brother get a retweet on that lucky link? :)
I'm not big on sharing giveaways but this one's huge. $14,000+ in #SEO tools etc — — Well played, @MonetizePros!
Got 2 solid dofollow backlinks in Sep, but they're crediting me for something I didn't create. I have no idea why they think I did it.
Anyone know where the @JebBush campaign is right now? Just saw a "Jeb can fix it" bus in North Andover, MA
@JebBush where is your campaign right now? Just saw a Jeb can fix it bus in North Andover, MA
anyone else having trouble with youtube videos today? Just not playing and/or generally spotty.
Hi, I'm a small, struggling, local newspaper. You want to include my photo in a piece promoting my paper? That'll be $100.
If you'll pardon the un-usability of this link/website, it makes me proud to see my student do this.
Y'ever publish a post about how to do a thing then go back & read it when you forget how to do the thing?
@William_Menard Apologies, I saw a notification about this -- -- and thought it was recent. Never mind!
@William_Menard Follow me so I can send you a DM?
Not sure the term arbitrage applies, but the concept is solid: endless blog post ideas. Isn't this common knowledge?
Bounce rate sucks. Rob Beirne of @WofgangDigital explains "adjusted" bounce rate how & why —
Some @RobbieRichMktg magic — How "Share As Image" increased traffic 70% in 4 Months —
I think it's time for a @tjkelly rebrand
Would happily turn off adblock for a great post explaining why snapchat matters to anyone.
RT @Shemkus: Apparently I am awesomer than you: Freelancers make more money, vote more, and are just better people …
This is messed up. RT @cakesthebrain: “What it’s really like to work for Uber” by @cakesthebrain
Looks like people had a blast and learned a ton at @learninbound #maybenextyear
This post links to some good resources — How to Create Irresistibly Shareable Content

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