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@solutionreach sorry, I was unclear. Trying to avoid iframes. Is there any other method?
@solutionreach Do you offer any API for reviews? Hoping to pull reviews collected w/ your system & display them on my site. Possible?
@fighto this, but with racism/sexism/general bigotry and school acquaintances rather than coworkers.
@jayroh @fredhq @adarowski yes, as much as possible. Unavoidable sometimes, of course.
RT @TMFHousel: Explaining TV to a kid 20 years from now:
@mclizam heyyyy - Crashed a house party tonight. Most hospitable, welcoming people I've ever met. Cape locals, score 1 for y'all. Humbled.
Crashed a house party thought. Some of the most hospitable, welcoming people I've ever met. Cape locals, score 1 for y'all. Humbled.
Just watched my dad google google.
@fighto damn that's some next-level shit
Can't believe how much I learned tonight from @bradlewis816 & @fighto. Just when you think you know #SEO. Wish I could stay for #SearchLove
RT @bradlewis816: In town for #SearchLove? Let's grab a drink! Send me a DM and lets connect.
RT @fighto: If anyone is in Boston for #SearchLove tonight and wants to get drinks--a bunch of us are headed to Yard House @ 7pm.
RT @bradlewis816: @szahurones Lobster rolls, craft beer, and a dinner with @fighto and @tjkelly tonight at Yard House, 7pm. The more the me…
Yahoo Screen is a pile of unmitigated terrible. I just want my Community, damn it.
@kaylvan ruuunnnnnnnnnnn wwweeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!!!
@kaylvan @AProchilo1 can I fave that? Is that weird? That's weird, right?
Chatted with presenters afterward. Nice guys, had some good advice for me. Hope to go back to more of these.
There was an SEO seminar a few weeks ago, it seems. Sorry I missed it.
There are a few points with which I disagree but in general it's very thorough.
Good for these guys for offering this advice. People obviously need the help. Glad they can get it here.

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