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@FacetWP This looks like the answer is yes? -
@dsaaun sounds like that's be the wrong guy to leave #stayinschool #i'mfunny
@FacetWP Hi there, your plugin looks great. With it, can I use a range slider to filter by numerical attributes other than price?
@curtismchale Hi, friend of @nikibrown. I just filled out your form here - Can we talk asap?
@nikibrown thanks!
I need #WooCommerce Extension help. Anyone know anyone?
Didn’t see any northern lights just now but had myself a pretty awesome lie in the grass out in the cool September dark.
@megginj Halloween costume
First dubstep song ever written? From 1995:
HAHAH good luck with that
@briandigital I agree. And from what I’ve heard through their 2 most recent albums, the music isn’t so hot either.
Turns out that 8 years of blog posts and media take a really long time to migrate. Yowzas.
Dear Snarky Puppy fans: please list your favorite songs. I can’t get into it. Maybe I’m listening to the wrong stuff? Help me funk out.
@briandigital OBAMMER!!1!
Doing a new thing tonight. Professionally, don't ya know. Or something. Unintentionally dirty.
RT @yaykyle: Don’t be mad WiFi phone calling is only on T-Mobile. They need it most.
#applelive ApplePay looks awesome if it actually works that smoothly and is accepted widely
aaaaand access denied again #applelive
Finally no translator voiceovers #applelive
#applelive video keeps jumping around and restarting on me. major fwp

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