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the ol' thursday night hosting account clean out
Happy Thanksgiving. I have a new thing -
@jpiedrafite yo would you be interested in taking over the @PiKappUMassAlum account?
Another recruiter called to tell me about an exciting opportunity to delete a voicemail.
Man. Imagine being 8-2 right now? Different world. RT @UMassNation: Five loses by 7 points or less. UMass Football 2014.
Come on @UMassFootball, I want to see @awhipple03 put it in the air.
.@UMassBand @UMassDrumline sighting!
frohnapfel is crying because laurent is so terrible.
How old is Mike Couzens? This guy is awesome to listen to, especially for a teenager.
HAHAHA YES — RT @badtom: Well, someone had to do it.
I cannot describe how happy I am to hear Fight Mass blaring on my tv, especially 63 seconds into the game! @UMassBand @UMassFootball
@dsaaun on purpose?
...I mean ESPNU
@jpiedrafite oops
Watching @UMassFootball, @UMassBand & @UMassDrumline on ESPN3 tonight at 8. You should too. It's the right thing to do.
For the lols: "Microsoft Surface loses on election night as CNN commentators use it as iPad kickstand" -
RT @EagleTrib: #ma06 candidate @sethmoulton just stopped in at Harrison's in North Andover. The question is: sauce/no sauce, horseradish/no…
@briandigital what you did there, I see it.
Mothastomachs act like they forgot about lunch
@marcamos @megginkelly heyyyy thanks brother!

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