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“100% chance” forecasts crack me’s not not going to snow.
@stevercxx thank youuuuu. Thought it was just me.
I lol’d — RT @TheTweetOfGod: Joni Ernst claps on the one-three.
Those wink thoooooooo #sotu
Yall catch dat wink tho? #sotu
@jpiedrafite @Sam_Minuteman love to stay & chat but I gotta go teach the next generation of @UMassDrumline members. PhiBD fall 2020 look out
@Sam_Minuteman anything for you, big man //@jpiedrafite
First this: then this: -- COINCIDENCE??
@Sam_Minuteman Must be the TJK bump: /cc: @jpiedrafite
The embodiment of procrastination, 25 times.
@jpiedrafite fair enough. old man pants on tight today.
Dad tendencies: watching through the blinds as the garbage crew collects your refuse to be sure they take everything, dag nabbit.
Comparison is the thief of joy.
@jpiedrafite @AlumniUMass @SheehanigansAd thinkin abouuuuut it
Anyone going? I might—MT @AlumniUMass Watch the Minutemen take on Merrimack 1/23 in N. Andover w/ pre-game reception—
RT @AlumniUMass: Hockey fans, come watch the Minutemen take on Merrimack 1/23 in N. Andover! And come for the pre-game reception, too! http…
Non-drowsy cold medicine sits on a throne of lies.
Sorest throat.
Humanity's victories
C is snoozing and snoring away on my chest right now and I have to wake her up for dinner because I'm obviously an awful human.

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