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@joenudell Playing w/ StickTo, loving it so far. Can I have boxes float at various “depths” and disappear at different intervals?
So’s beta has footer links AND infinite scroll? Good luck with that.
@CampaignMonitor Thank you, will do
@CampaignMonitor Where can I read more about that distinction?
@CampaignMonitor Happy to, yes. But doesn’t your guide say to use [foo=“bar”]? Why the change?
@CampaignMonitor Yes, definitely. Right now I’m stuck using only one class per element. [class=“foo”] does not select class=“foo bar”
@CampaignMonitor About your Ultimate Guide vs Inliner, it appears “contains” selector E[foo*=“bar”] won’t work in the inliner? If not, why?
“XML-RPC services are disabled on this site,” trouble with #WordPress apps? Upgrade #Wordfence -
@MyFonts Got any current coupon codes? I'm looking to buy a few variants of a font for a client website (a former employee of yours!)
List of Websites Affected by Heartbleed Bug
@michaelwitwicki drupal durpal derp derp derp
@michaelwitwicki EE is dangerous, WP is expensive, Drupal is OMG SO FUN! Got it.
Recruiters, the modern Referee Bill Pitman. “My boy and I were wondering what it's like for you to have no soul.” -
Why would anyone agree to this when adding a Chrome extension? Insanity.
Hopefully @StephenAtHome and #CancelColbert will bring some much-needed attention to the Washington Redskins terrible name.
Developing #WordPress locally/offline? This may save some headache if using #Jetpack. Hope it helps -
@socarolinesays thanks for listening to my angry user gripes :)
@socarolinesays you’re the best. while we’re at it, why would this default to a new tab? Links to another BI story
@socarolinesays Love reading. Just wish they wouldn’t hijack my default browser behavior. I get using JS to control/track clicks but daaaamn
@socarolinesays Unless I right-click (control click) and choose Open in New Tab.

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