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@danicreardon @sarah_francoeur @jucylones77 Things I'd rather do than be tumblr famous:
@danicreardon @sarah_francoeur @jucylones77 anyway hope you enjoyed it cuz i'm deleting it now. thanks for reminding me, nerds
@danicreardon @sarah_francoeur @jucylones77 oh this thing? it's just my twitter feed (from back then) auto-posted
@danicreardon @sarah_francoeur @jucylones77 i'd love to see it
@danicreardon @sarah_francoeur @jucylones77 i have a tumblr?
@sarah_francoeur @danicreardon @jucylones77 all business all the time
@danicreardon @sarah_francoeur @jucylones77 same
@sarah_francoeur @danicreardon @jucylones77 I am the businessest
@danicreardon @sarah_francoeur @jucylones77 have yall always been active on the twitters? i feel like i would've known
@danicreardon I should start to do them in my best Snoop impression
@danicreardon Correct. I am a 44 year old black rap icon from California. Also: why?
@dan_shure doing some 'tangent kw' digging today. Did you have a favorite tool that comes close on the 'tangent' concept?
@dan_shure depends on how the site is built. no 2 drupal sites have the same structure. want a hand?
@cameron_rahman Love it! Thanks for sharing. And, ya know, writing it /@jordancrown
@cameron_rahman @jordancrown Looking forward to it! And agreed. Leading PREMIUM form plugin severely lacking basic functionality. Thx again
Found "Multi-Column Gravity Forms" by @cameron_rahman & @jordancrown. Total lifesaver! Major kudos, guys— #wordpress
Google Contacts never doesn't slow my browser to a crawl.
@ScoutsHonorDoc thanks for the like. Proud @madisonscouts alum here! Wearing this to the show cuz (friendly) rivalry
Love seeing this in my little podunk town. Thank you @DCI @bostoncrusaders! See y'all soon #dci #growdrumcorps
My tweets are too negative. I gotta start hanging out in r/upliftingnews

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