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@briandigital @megginj I still don't get whether or not it can rain in "dry" air
@briandigital @megginj so..yes?
@briandigital @megginj can it rain if the air is dry?
@briandigital @megginj so there's no easy conversion, then. Makes sense.
@briandigital you seem to be pretty into weather, no? Any idea?
@briandigital hey @megginj and I wondered how much snow this rain would be. Googling led to unreliable sources. Is 1 rain = 10 snow?
@FacetWP thanks for the follow
@FacetWP a) another future release idea? :) b) can I switch somehow from “/#!/foo=bar” to “/?foo=bar” ?
@FacetWP excellent thank you, I'll try. Works with hashed params too? /#!/foo=bar e.g.?
@FacetWP Never mind! Got it. Ended up with "$this->facets[10]['selected_values'][0]". Kinda dirty, but it gets the job done.
@FacetWP Reading - Is there a way to use "$this->http_params" outside of a template? Is that in some docs I missed?
@mkivikoski @megginkelly Thanks brother! And to you as well, if I’m not mistaken?
@larissa_vangel thanks for that tweet
@megginkelly @llawry whatjoo call me?
@jlbruno thanks brother!
Btw, this happened. RT @megginkelly: 23 weeks: Oh yeah, I'm pregnant.
Horseshit incarnate.
@FacetWP Ok thanks for the quick reply. I would LOVE to see that built in to 1.9 :) I see 1.8 fixed my old slider issue. THANK YOU!
@FacetWP Hey is there an easy way to paginate results this way? Especially the “view all”? Searching forums now

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