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@thejeffbyrnes @jackmcdade @mikesusz @briandigital thanks for the help guys. looks like iTunes *has to* be open :( but still better than nil
@mikesusz i didn’t have itunes open
@mikesusz aha! success!
@mikesusz yes?
@mikesusz I don’t have “shared” under iPhone > Music
@thejeffbyrnes hrmmmmmmmmm thanks brotha
@thejeffbyrnes @briandigital even with media server running on the Mac, it'd be lighter than iTunes?
@briandigital reeeeally... touché, sir
@briandigital very nice. wish it didn’t require itunes to be open. the whole point is to avoid running heavy apps on my (ancient) mac
@briandigital ah, the ol’ rogue amoeba. haven’t thought about these guys in a long time. thanks for the rec, checking out now
@briandigital yes i do, via headphones if it’s of any interest
@jackmcdade Possible?
@jackmcdade I can use Remote to make my Mac play music. I want to plug headphones into my iPhone and listen to songs which live on the Mac
@StartupTheory it’s the only explanation
If my Mac can play music stored on another Mac and my iPhone can connect to my Mac, why can't my iPhone play music stored on my Mac?
@briandigital @ctraganos I was asleep at 2:30 EDT but not at 1:15 or 5:00! Power came back on after 30-45 min, btw
@briandigital do you have power? Just lost ours
@nationalgridus power just went out in North Andover MA 01845. Why?
@NinjasMarketing Your sitemap gen tool has been down for, like, ever. That makes puppies cry ya know. I hope you bring it back soon! Please?

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