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@JoeRydel we shut down
@davereid yeah, we meant to change the messaging on the cash out flow, but were paralyzed with ennui. Thanks for using Tipjoy!
@davereid We've waited until the deadline to start the cashouts. They are happening now. Keep calm and carry on.
We're super excited to be involved in the upcoming @twestival!
We sent out some DMs by mistake. Other than annoying you, there isn't anything else wrong.
some tweets from @tipjoy were getting sent out to @tatatweet users by mistake. It was a bug that should be fixed. Sorry!
Big congrats to the winner of the Tipjoy API contest: http://procrasdonate.com runner-up: http://tipfight.com
tipjoy cofounder @ikirigin is going to the @140conf this week in NYC: ping him if you want to meetup ivan@tipjoy.com
Vote for Tipjoy as a Twitter Enhancer http://bit.ly/1DdWVH - vote early and often (and retweet!)
RT @strasser: I will donate $1 via TipJoy to the first 1,000 501 (c)(3) nonprofits that retweet this message today.
.@m3nt0r yes, do let us know what you're working on, even if unreleased http://bit.ly/hjg9x
If you're working on something that uses Tipjoy's API, you should let us know ASAP here: http://bit.ly/hjg9x
Everyone check out http://tipfight.com - it adds some friendly competition to non-profit fundraising
i like turtles! RT @honu Happy World Turtle Day! Donate any amount to help sea turtles: http://honu.org
RT @TechCrunch: Tipjoy Makes A Useful Premium Twitter App To Test Its Payments API http://tcrn.ch/2G2 by @parislemon
If you think a charity was missing from that list, add it please http://bit.ly/usaTI
Here is a totally unofficial list of charities on twitter, based upon our quick survey http://bit.ly/charities_on_twitter
People are building some cools applications using http://tipjoy.com/api BTW, we have a contest! http://tipjoy.com/APIcontest
Tipjoy recently passed 10K followers. Thanks everyone!
We're taking a survey to find charities & non-profits on Twitter. The results will be public http://bit.ly/usaTI please RT!

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