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@RokuPlayer thanks already talked to a service person and they are working on the issue
@tiny: @RokuPlayer hey I ordered 2 rokus . I get my shipment open the box and there is only 1 roku plz help
Playing with new iPod touch http://t.co/VJRRkUqf
@agreatheadline trying to decide if i want go to belgrade
@agreatheadline no u entertain yourself
@homebrewchef all that i heard was good but missed last half waiting for the podcast
@foodmobtv i would love a good french onion soup recipe
@johnfoster you know they were just trying to avoid what happened to southwest with kevin smith since @shaunosullivan is such a celeb
@rangichan hello hello long time no speak ru on facebook you should dm me a link to your profile
@twelpforce i purchased a 500gb hdd from BB my laptop does not recognize it but does a smaller 250 could i exchange it for a smaller hdd
@twelpforce 500gb hardrive that my laptop will not recognize it but it will a smaller 250gb could i exchange the 500 for a smaller one
curlers taking shots at leno "american curling is getting a lot of media coverage the mens skip was on leno dont how good that was though"
@shaunosullivan your delicious beer makes up for it
@shaunosullivan some day im gonna remember to check my twiiter ironically i was at the cold spring brewery last week and applied for a job
RT @danthefan: Apple iPad http://un.cr/20l Retweet this to be entered to win a 16GB iPad. Seriously. (via @uncrate)
last 3 days trying to fix my internet which has been going haywire not only on chrome but firefox as well turns out i needed to update java
@tikijohnny ouch man just ouch
thanks @shaunosullivan , @21stAmendment monks blood with the family glad to have 21a beer in mn cant wait for some hell or high watermelon
this is pretty good periodic table of beers http://i.imgur.com/dRMby.png
@shaunosullivan the one day i dont have my car well maybe next time at least now i can go out and try your beers here in mn

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25 year old guy living in central mn looking for work love music