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Ninja everywhere again! #americanninjawarrior #ninjahub #ninja #whydoyouninja #hitthatbuzzer https://t.co/Lds3Qf4RM3
Hang out! @ Honky Tonk Central https://t.co/rb44aqjWNw
Fun!!! @ Nashville, Tennessee https://t.co/MqzOW2jGf5
Ninja everywhere!! #ninjahub #ninjawarrior #hitthatbuzzer #whydoyouninja #americanninjawarrior https://t.co/2b2p42jOh5
A few highlights from our runs last night! Had to add in the wing nut and a fun transition off… https://t.co/jZg1iLMvI6
Ninja challenge time!! Salmon ladder with @grenadiergrips #ninja #ninjahub #ninjachallenge… https://t.co/ZZHC7kANqA
Macy is ready for the warped wall!! #hitthatbuzzer #ninjawarrior https://t.co/6nO9ZbVUcJ
One foot on the wall!! @ Warrior Warehouse Fitness and Obstacle Training https://t.co/id1oi6Dhu6
Fun quick run!! I went first and lost by a few seconds 😩. Great job airwebbs21 , Tyler , and… https://t.co/rh8gjMMcjP
Volleyball today! First in pool play ... playoff time! @ Legend Lanes Bowling Center https://t.co/8XqfZKqCXO
Ok so I know I say this all the time and I'll probably say it a million more , but I'm so proud… https://t.co/NLhVoU8GZ1
Working on grip and balance today! https://t.co/PUKUJT0iWZ
First time trying the salmon ladder transfer and rolling dice! @HoopGuruAcademy https://t.co/SF7cYOrlva
Nothing like warp walling together!!! Awesome job Cam!! https://t.co/KDs8OVpipa
Hungry hippos @dudeperfect style!! https://t.co/69Lg1vx5bM
Full day of ninjaing today!! Added to new obstacles to the course... battering ram and a slider… https://t.co/xJvW2UFOFX
Grab our first tshirts!!! https://t.co/839Syb9uzS
#eclipse shadows! https://t.co/EbPIIXQHsj
Just hanging around #cleveland ! https://t.co/Z1p05SR0vM
Fun times with my love @christinaadam ! #cleveland https://t.co/MsXgKYwDs2

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I am a metal artist....bringing metal to life. Look for the Etsy Top 10 Monday and tons of useful tips!

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