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RT @drwright4congr1: Okay let's review recent Ted Lieu activity- 1 Walks out of congressional moment of silence for the victims in Texas.…
This is activism today. https://t.co/ux42G3NL1s
The power of pretending. Remember my mask video/post? See the video below and more info at... https://t.co/R191oR7jWI
Coward running, coward in DC. Predictable outcome. @ctznnotsubjects @tedlieu @Cernovich @drwright4congr1 https://t.co/WPJ9RVZx7T
What a leader...NOT https://t.co/YgJb8PO1E7
Embracing the Finality of the game https://t.co/bxnGDS3cF7 https://t.co/qVJ2YNHDPb
Check out NYT bestselling author, @LewisHowes's new book, #MaskofMasculinity -> https://t.co/p11WaQQTtO https://t.co/7T1W1ccsum
Fast belief changing for faster results @scoopit https://t.co/ioV2kBRP5g
Amazon just delivered a package to our house. Problem is that it is not our address, it is a block away, 8pm on a Sunday.
How will you serve your client in the way they need to be served?
Changing your possibility is easy when you play dressup. Change your costume and mask. Which uniform do you... https://t.co/GidVmXu7JH
“You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.” — Robin Williams
RT @Cernovich: https://t.co/gSIwBxvzAi
As coaches, what is the point if our legacy is but only a w/l record? What value is the game, without enduring... https://t.co/UURacbH5Bb
RT @NotElizabethNJ: NYC 2001: If you see something, say something. NYC today: If you see something, we will say you’re racist and Islamaph…
My answer to How can I identify the smartest person in the room? https://t.co/WHMOCQlB7z
RT @drwright4congr1: Ted Lieu cosponsors CA Bill for big STADIUM DEVELOPER to skirt environment regs then gets big donation, LA times-His C…
RT @SportsCenter: It wasn't even 9am and @TimTebow had us ready to run through a brick wall. https://t.co/UrwRpGGW0E
Contentmarketing is not an option. It is a moral obligation for participation in the marketplace. https://t.co/gnGb00eU6F

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