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Any chance of the q3 ever turning up on time? @gonortheast
RT @eevee: a novice programmer would hardcode it an experienced programmer would make a general engine feature a veteran programmer would…
RT @drewm: The best thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from.
RT @lukew: Images are a huge part of bandwidth size/costs. We're using machine learning to cut 75% bandwidth per image.…
RT @davidwalshblog: Dev: "We need a server to run tests on" Inner Dev: "You have production"
RT @agento: How to do MVC: 1. Take any three things, ANY 2. Call them Model, View and Controller 3. Draw some arrows between them Done!
How it feels to learn Javascript in 2016” by @jjperezaguinaga
RT @matvenn: Waitrose shopping drinking game: 1. Man in red trousers - 1 shot gin 2. Woman mentions Kale - 2 shots 3. Child named Humphrey…
RT @moonpolysoft: New Employee: Can you give me a high level overview of how the system works? Me:
RT @zachleat: do a lot of developers get hit by busses because people talk about this a lot
Harsh penalty but he did lead with his arm for a header.
The fact Slovakia are playing for third place in a group of 4 sums this group stage up. Terrible idea.
Dominating again, but we need to start converting these chances if we want to go far in this tournament.
Good start, get Kane off the corners though.
Stunning goal from Payet, pick that out.
Can we not just give all the matches to BBC, ITV coverage is terrible.
Netflix dropping paw patrol is worse than when they dropped the shield. Josh is gutted.
RT @tDJ: If you took a 3 year break from UI design, now you're all caught up:

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