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RT @2amSwiftie: Taylor is as excited as her Swifties are for the Grammy's ♡. @taylorswift13 @TheGRAMMYs
RT @2amSwiftie: You're #1 in Swifties book ♡. #YouMadeUsProudTaylor
RT @2amSwiftie: When Taylor arrives. . . Swifties will be like
RT @2amSwiftie: Swifties are Ready ♡. @goldenglobes @taylorswift13 #GoldenGlobes
@2amSwiftie Best Username × 5 @Swifties_Choice
@2amSwiftie Best Username × 4 @Swifties_Choice
@2amSwiftie Best Username × 3 @Swifties_Choice
@2amSwiftie Best Username × 2 @Swifties_Choice
@2amSwiftie Best Username ×1 @Swifties_Choice
@Swifties_Choice I would like to nominate @2amSwiftie for best username bc her username is absolute perfection!
RT @arisavedmee: @ArianaGrande If this gets 100 retweets will you follow me ♡.
RT @2amSwiftie: RT if you want Taylor to sing All too Well at the Grammy's ♡. #AllTooWellAtTheGrammysPlease
RT @2amSwiftie: Swifties love you @taylorswift13 ♡. You're the air we breathe & we can't wait for your 5th album
RT @2amSwiftie: We will stay with her forever Through sickness & health We're the longest relationship she's ever had We are SWIFTIES♡. #…
RT @2amSwiftie: @ArianaGrande if this gets 100 retweets will you follow me? ♡
RT @2amSwiftie: Swifties reaction to when they see what Taylor is wearing at an award ceremony
RT @2amSwiftie: @FifthHarmony follow me ♡
RT @2amSwiftie: You Inspire Me @taylorswift13

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