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Got a bunch of new things to list today. Expect some beginning tomorrow!
Happy 2010, everyone! I'm back!
I cleaned the whole house for the party. Now it's time for people to show up and I'm exhausted!
I baked oatmeal cookies last night, and we're having a Christmas party today!
It's a lazy day for me and my roommates. I'll get some work done later, but for now it's TV time.
@writer99 World peace, or the world's first reality-based flame war. ;)
Aaaand I ate the pear sauce. On its own. Yum. <3
I'm making pear sauce out of some overripe pears and now the whole house smells like cinnamon.
New listing today, Benny the Bomb (not really a bomb): #etsy
I was still feeling a bit sick today, but it was nice out, so I went out and took some photos around town:
RT @vintagegoodness: The History of Christmas Lights - via Pam at RetroRenovation!
@thatSandygirl LOL, sure! You're supplying the wine, though. ;)
I have the most insane urge to cook right now.
Amazing woman. RT @TelegraphNews Anne Mustoe - Telegraph
@repaper I love the Fat Tire one! My dad is a cyclist and a beer fan. ;)
@thespeckledpear I just checked it out; my favorite color combo! :D
@allencompanyinc Now THAT'S a tempting find! Oh my! ♡
@LoLaVintage I feel your pain. Our alarm is really sensitive, so there's a fan and dish towel just...sitting there all the time. :')
@LoLaVintage LOL, isn't that just the way of things? ;)

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